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Discover the Career
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Image consulting is a rewarding career if you are passionate about helping others excel in their personal and professional lives. To become an image consultant, follow these steps:

Discover the Career

The first step to becoming an image consultant is to understand what an image consultant does.

Who is an Image Consultant?

An image consultant is a professional who provides services for individuals and corporations through coaching, presentations, seminars, and workshops.
Image consultants offer assistance in image enhancement (appearance, body and color analysis, wardrobe development, and management), sound and effective communications, business and social etiquette, civility, branding, and more—all through coaching and training.

Trying it on for Size

Before you make the commitment to a career in image consulting, you can find out if you like this kind of work by volunteering at a local organization that provides professional clothing for underprivileged job seekers. Get ideas for how you might volunteer by reading about our Philanthropic Activities.

Join AICI and Develop Your Skills

Once you’ve made the commitment to becoming an image consultant, you need to develop your skills and knowledge so you can effectively offer your clients counsel. The Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) can help.

When you join AICI:

  • You can network with professionals in your local chapter and throughout the world.
  • A network of AICI professionals can help guide you n developing your area of interest in the field of image consulting.
  • You can attend AICI educational programs and continuing professional development through Annual Conference workshops, Chapter Education Days, and teleconference classes and webinars.

Accelerate Your Learning

To get on the fast track, you can register for image training courses or participate in individual image training. AICI is pleased to be able to refer you to the industry’s best trainers and courses, where you can learn how to manage your consulting business as well as develop your image skills. Visit the Image Trainers’ Directory.

Build Your Credibility with Certification

Certification validates you as a professional and lends credibility to your work. The AICI membership directory allows your fellow members and the public to search for all AICI members, but they can also search for just those members who have achieved certification. This gives you great recognition for your achievement and sets you apart to give you more exposure to the public. Read on to learn how to obtain certification.

Once you have a foundation of knowledge, skills and experience, you may apply for certification. There are three levels of certification:

1) AICI Certified Image Master (AICI CIM)
2) AICI Certified Image Professional (AICI CIP)
3) AICI First Level Certification (AICI FLC)
For details of what’s required to attain each of these levels, please read about AICI’s certification program and review the application for the designation that interests you.

Benefits of Membership

When you join AICI, you can choose the membership category that fits the current stage of your career. The benefits you receive from your AICI membership will support you throughout your career.

If You Are Just Getting Started…

Your membership in AICI lets you tap into educational resources to further refine your skills and obtain certification to build your credibility. At your local AICI Chapter meetings, you can take advantage of educational programs and perhaps find a mentor who will guide you through the process of building your knowledge and your business. View a map of all AICI Chapters.

Through attending AICI’s Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition, you can learn best practices in the image consulting profession, network with image consultants from all parts of the world, and attend workshops that will help you define your specialty and build your business.

Through the use of AICI study guides, teleconference classes, webinars and conference workshops, you can learn what you need to know in order to obtain your AICI First Level Certification. Your AICI FLC gives you added credibility as an image consultant and increases your visibility in your community.

To join AICI now, complete our Membership Application.

If You Are an Established Image Consultant…

Your membership in AICI helps you build your business by providing you with more visibility, which allows you to obtain more referrals; more credibility, which will attract higher-paying clients; and more products and services to offer to your clients, which will make your services more valuable.
Your AICI membership also gives you the opportunity to continue your self-development. With leading-edge educational opportunities, peer-to-peer brainstorming and collaboration, and mentors who can coach you to the next level, you’ll develop skills that enhance your personal as well as your professional life.

Through attending the AICI Annual Conference, you can continue your professional development, stay abreast of the best practices in the image consulting profession, network with image consultants from all parts of the world, and participate in workshops that will help you build your business.

If You Want Your Business to Grow …

As an AICI member, you’ll have new visibility in the market, greater credibility as a professional, and access to powerful educational resources to keep you and your business growing.

Connect with Clients Locally and from Around the World

AICI provides you with an effective vehicle for visibility. As a member, you will be listed on the AICI website, which the public uses to find image consulting services. Currently, the AICI website receives over 40,000 hits per day.

As part of an organization with over 1,000 members, you will have the opportunity to receive referrals from other members, and to grant referrals as well. Because clients often don’t want to incur travel expenses, if an image consultant in Chicago has a prospective client in Los Angeles, they may refer their client to you. Likewise, you can refer potential clients in distant locales to other AICI members. Having a network of image consulting professionals at hand will keep your clients happy and increase your income.

If you provide training or products to image consultants, AICI members can be a potential client base. Options for promoting your product or service range from becoming an exhibitor at AICI’s Global Conference to holding classes for local Student members.

Strengthen Your Image with a Professional Affiliation

Your membership in AICI proclaims to the world that you are committed to a credible industry backed by a solid body of knowledge and expertise.
As an entrepreneur and consultant, you wear many hats. AICI helps you define each area of responsibility and pinpoint those for which you need to further develop your skills. Once you identify those areas, your AICI membership gives you access to the resources you need to hone your expertise.
In addition, media awareness of AICI continues to grow, and the media often turn to AICI for commentary on image-related news events and features. As a result, AICI can help present you to the media as an expert.

Learn from Our Industry's Best and Brightest

If you have been working as an entrepreneur and have been in relative isolation as an image consultant, your membership in AICI will draw you in to a community of image consulting professionals who share your experiences, goals, and passion. This new network of peers is a resource you can use to pick up innovative techniques, products, and services, and to gain support as you move forward in your career.

AICI also provides you with unique opportunities for continued professional development during educational seminars, teleconferences, and at the Annual Conference. When you attend workshops and learn from the masters of the image consulting training community, you’ll grow both personally and professionally. Keeping your skills fresh, amassing new techniques, and learning from the experiences of leaders in the profession will invigorate you and your business.

If You Are Looking for Professional Development ...

AICI not only helps you build your business, but also assists you in your personal and professional growth.

A Catalyst for Professional Growth

AICI opens horizons, making you aware of your own potential within the image consulting industry. Image consultants take a myriad of career paths; so connecting with your peers exposes you to the variety of options available to you. Witnessing the accomplishments of others and hearing their stories can encourage you to find your own passion, both within and outside of the industry.

Many AICI members have collaborated with one another to reach even greater heights in their businesses. They would never have had such networking opportunities without the benefit of AICI membership.

Most important, AICI is truly a place where people can share with one another. During the process of building relationships and working together toward common goals, members' lives are enriched.

Most important, AICI is truly a place where people can share with one another. During the process of building relationships and working together toward common goals, members' lives are enriched.

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