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CIC Certification FAQ
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Are there any pre-requisites for taking the Exam?

You must be at least 18 years old to take the AICI CIC Exam.

When can I take the CIC Exam?

Depending on the track selected you will either take your CIC exam after you have submitted your AICI CIC Application or after your CIC Portfolio has been successfully reviewed and approved.

Where can I take the CIC Exam?

The CIC exam can now be taken as a live online proctor exam. This allows the tester to take the exam either at home or office. If your Chapter is offering an event where the Exam will be held, you can take it there and at the International Conference which is held every two years.

What are the technical requirements for the Live Online Proctor Exam?

  • Required to have a webcam installed on your exam workstation and reliable access to the Internet. An Internet connection disruption will suspend the test session
  • A well-working computer with 1GB of RAM or higher
  • A high-speed Internet connection (5 mbps). Wireless is acceptable; however a wired-connection is preferred
  • A webcam with 640X480 video pixel resolution (a laptop camera is acceptable)
  • Working speakers connected to the computer
  • A microphone connected to the computer (consider a webcam with a built-in microphone)
  • Flash player version 7 or higher
  • Browser compatibility: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari

What are my language options?

The computer-based exam is available in in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, or can be taken as English as a Second Language. However, all of your instructions and exam communications received from AICI or Castle Worldwide will be in English. Please note that interpreters or language dictionaries are not allowed.

What is the exam fee?

The fee is $275.00 (USD) for AICI members and $1,090.00 (USD) for nonmembers.

When do I get the results?

You will receive your test score immediately when taking the exam as a computer-based exam. You will receive a hard copy letter of your exam results within six to eight weeks. You will get your results from a paper and pencil exam in 6-8 weeks after taking the exam.

If I do not pass, when can I re-take the exam?

You can re-take the Exam anytime. You will need to pay the Exam fee and complete the registration process again. If you do not pass the AICI CIC Exam with your candidacy period, and still wish to pursue certification, you will be required to start the process again, beginning with submitting the fee for the AICI CIC Application.

If I do not pass, can I access my results, and see where I need to improve?

If you have questions about your Exam results, please contact the AICI Director of Certification at the AICI Headquarter (651.294.9047)

When can I start using the AICI CIC designation?

After you have successfully completed both your CIC portfolio review and passed the CIC Exam, you may use AICI CIC after your name.

There is no chapter in my area how can I get leadership points?

You can participate in different committees or a task force, help at events that may be related to Image consulting in your area and provide proof of your participation.

Check the AICI website for volunteer opportunities, such as assisting at the International Conference.

Please contact the AICI Headquarters to discuss your personal situation.

What is the first step of applying for the CIC certification?

The first step toward your CIC certification is to submit you CIC Application. This application can be done online or download the PDF form to mail or faxed to the AICI office.

How do I register for the CIC Exam?

You will register for the CIC exam on the AICI website (see quick links for CIC Exam). You must register and submit your payment prior to scheduling your exam.

How do I schedule my CIC exam?

AICI Headquarters will send a notice of eligibility to our testing partner Castle Worldwide once your registration and payment has been received for your CIC Exam. Castle will then send a Notice to Schedule with a username and password. The applicant uses this information to access the scheduling system, chooses the date and time for exam. When scheduling your exam be sure to select “Remote Proctoring” in the 1st preference field this will populate both preference fields. Then click on the submit button which will direct you to the remote proctor scheduling page. Here you will select your date and time to schedule your exam.

Once I have registered for the CIC Exam how long do I have to take the test?

The track that you have selected on your CIC Application determines that time frame for taking your CIC Exam.


You take your CIC exam after your CIC Portfolio has been reviewed and passed. You have 6 months from the time you register for your exam to take and pass the exam.


You take your CIC exam and then submit you CIC Portfolio. With this track you have 1 year to take and pass your CIC exam.

When can I use the AICI CIC credentials?

When you have been formally notified by AICI Headquarters that you have successfully complete and passed the CIC Portfolio review and have passed the CIC Exam you can then begin to use the credential AICI CIC.

Once I submit my CIC Portfolio how long does it take to be reviewed?

It can take up to 2 months for your CIC Reviewer to complete the review process.

How are the CEUs calculated for AICI Webinars?

One hour of AICI Webinar training is equal to .1 CEU.

What is Live Online Proctor exam?

Live Online Proctor exam (LOP) allows the CIC Exam to be taken at any computer that meets the testing requirements. There is no physical testing facilities, no need to travel.

Are breaks allowed during the exam?

There are no breaks allowed during the CIC exam.

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