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Member FAQs
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How do I find out how many CEUs I have?

Click on My Profile at the top of any page. When your profile comes up, click on the phrase, Click here to review your CEU Participation Report. This report shows the total CEUs you have earned through AICI-approved programs.

Is AICI certification similar to earning a college degree?

No. AICI Certification is not a training program. It means that you have mastered specific concepts of image consulting knowledge, have participated in AICI or similar organizations, adhere to AICI’s Code of Ethics, and have worked with clients. (See Certification for more details) A comparison would be an accountant (we’ll call her Ann) who wishes to become a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Ann would take relevant classes in college and earn a degree, probably a BS in Accounting. That makes Ann a trained accountant, but she is not certified as a CPA until she passes the CPA exam and meets certain other requirements. To learn about image training courses, click here or on the "Image Training & Resources” button to your left.

My information in the Member Directory is incorrect. How do I get it fixed?

You can instantly update your directory information by clicking on My Profile at the top of any page. When your profile comes up, click on Personal Information or Address, depending on which information you need to change. Make the changes, then click the "Save” button (for Personal Information) or the "Update” button (for Address).

I don’t want my street address to appear in the Member Directory. Can it be blocked?

Yes. Click on My Profile at the top of any page. When your profile comes up, click on Personal Information. At the bottom of the Personal Information page, there is a check box for "Exclude Street Address.” Check the box, then click the "Save” button. Your address will no longer appear in the Member Directory. Do not delete your address from your Profile; AICI needs your address in order to send you your Image Update magazines and other items that are sent by mail.

In the Member Directory, under "More Search Options,” there is a search box for "Specialty.” How was my specialty determined, and can I change it?

When you filled out your AICI membership application, you were asked to choose a specialty; that choice is what is in our database. If you wish to change your specialty, you can do so by clicking on My Profile at the top of any page. When your profile comes up, click on Personal Information, then scroll through the "Specialty” box. The specialty you chose is highlighted in blue. To change your specialty, just click on the one you would prefer; that one then becomes the highlighted entry.

I’ve entered my website information in the box on my Personal Information page. Why doesn’t it show up in the Member Directory?

To have a permanent link to your website in your Member Directory listing, you must purchase a Web link for a one-time fee of US$25.00. You can do this online at the AICI Store. (If you change the name of your website later on, you do not have to purchase a new Web link; just make the change in the Personal Information section of your profile.)

I don’t live close enough to attend chapter events, but I’d like to be involved with AICI. Is there a way to do that?

Yes. Call or email one of your chapter board members and ask about ways you can become involved. Many functions can be performed via telephone or email. You can also serve on an international board committee. Get in touch with the international board member who is responsible for the area you are interested in—your participation will be welcomed!

I need more CEUs to fulfill my certification requirements and I can’t get to an AICI-approved training. May I take some other training instead?

Directions for earning CEUs through programs not previously approved by AICI are found in the Continuing Education section of this website, under Earning CEUs.

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