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September 2013

Two New Chapters launched in July 1, 2013

The AICI International Board of Directors is happy to announce the launch of two new Chapters in July 2013.

As a very enthusiastic group of Image consultants exists in Chile, the Santiago-Chile Chapter was created in a very short time. We congratulate Lilian Bustamente as the first President of this new Chapter in Latin America.

A little later we opened the Nigeria Chapter. We met many of the members in Nigeria at Conference. The Chapter President is Louisa Akaiso. We congratulate Louisa and her team on the launch.

We look forward to working with these two new Chapters and helping them with the fulfillment of their ideas. Let's give both the Santiago-Chile Chapter and the Nigeria Chapter a warm welcome!

Louisa Akaiso:


Sue Donnelly

Guillermina Orozco Mendoza



El color y sus infinitas posibilidades

con Guillermina Orozco Mendoza

Viernes, 30 de Agosto, 2013
12:00-1:00 pm CDT (México-Guadalajara)

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El color y sus infinitas posibilidades
En una consultoría en imagen, el análisis del color es básico e importante. Un consultor bien preparado con el conocimiento correcto del color, ya avanzó el 50% para ser el mejor consultor en imagen. Los principios y normas del color para aplicarlos a la naturaleza de la persona (tono de ojos, cabello y piel) son únicos y nunca cambian. Ya es hora de que hablemos del color con la verdad y autoridad que merece el mismo.

En esta teleclase aprenderá a:

  • Obtener conocimiento bien sustentado del color
  • Definir la estación de una persona en 5 minutos, sin hacer uso del drapeado
  • Ser más perceptivo e intuitivo para lograr su trabajo con mayor asertividad y éxito
  • Utilizar las herramientas (drapeado) para que el cliente quede convencido sobre la estación a la que pertenece


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Sue Donnelly

Cathy Liska

Upcoming Teleclass in September

A Coaching Approach with Clients for Enhanced Results

With Cathy Liska

September 18, 2013
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm, EDT - New York

A coaching approach includes exploring the ideal outcomes for clients, and it enhances their results by engaging them effectively and empowering them to follow through. In this teleclass, consider the research on the impact of coaching and then delve into specific coaching skills: working with different personalities, communication techniques, powerful questioning, and focus and motivation for goals.

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AICI Singapore Educational Day

October 12, 2013 | Hort Park, Singapore

Education Conference Topics:

  • Jacqueline Whitmore - Marketing secrets to increase your revenue and take you to the top of your industry and beyond.
  • The Big Picture - How do fashion magazines do it?
  • Beauty from Runway to Real Way - How fashion magazines make it accessible
  • Popular Culture as Beauty & Fashion Inspirations - Why you can’t afford to switch off
  • The Korean Ideal - How long will it last?
  • The Quest for Perfection - Skincare: Why 40 is the new 20
  • Makeup & Hair - What is age appropriate and what is not? Why and how you should always walk the talk.

Contact information:


AICI Educational Day

October 19 – 20, 2013 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Education Conference Topics:

  • Carla Mathis: "The Essential Men’s Style Training”
  • Christina Ong: "Gearing Up Your Game Plan to Win Corporate Clients”
  • Jacqueline Whitmore: "How to Develop a Thriving Etiquette Business”
  • Audrey Quek: "In the Eyes of the Winning Crown”

With Special Post Education Conference Workshop by Carla Mathis on October 21-22.

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Australia Conference

AICI Australia Conference

October 11 - 13 | Melbourne, Australia

People, Purpose and Passion

  • Evelyn Lundstrom AICI CIP – Thinking on Your Feet
  • Kon Iotrou – How to Look Like a Model in Every Photo
  • Sarah Brummit AICI CIP – Coaching Personal Brand and Executive Presence in Corporates
  • Imogen Lamport AICI CIP – The Science of Style; The Essential Elements to Figure Flattery
  • Sara Hatten Masterson – Fashion Forecasting: Why Image Consultants Do Fashion
  • Ron Laurie – Levels of Existence Theory – Understanding Values Choices and Fashion Trends
  • Dave Staughton – The Secrets of Using Body Language to Land More Clients
  • Jill Chivers – Shop Your Wardrobe

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