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Lynne Marks

Expand Your Business to High-Level Clients with Coaching Techniques (0.4 CEUs English Workshop) (Certified Member Only)

Lynne Marks, AICI CIM

This session will help you gain coaching skills to offer new and existing clients a process to set and fulfill long- term goals.  You will learn:  1.Three different types of language for each phase of the process  2. Techniques to help you help clients recognize and overcome roadblocks  3. Methods to help a client set and achieve predictable results.  You will also practice questions to use for each step of the way and role-plays to gain the skills for real life situations. These skills once practiced will allow you to develop long- term and lucrative packages, raising the level of your services and developing new income streams.  

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish between advice and coaching modes
  • List three different steps in the coaching process
  • Role-play ways to determine the positive or negative mindset of a client
  • Practice methods to shift a client from limiting to productive perspectives
  • Identify and practice different types of language for each step of the process

Sarah Hathron

Secret Strategies to Create Evergreen Clients (0.4 CEUs English Workshop) (Certified Member Only)

Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIM

Are you ready to transform one corporate client into a 6-figure client?  Do you want to convert one-time individual clients into high-paying evergreen clients? Now you can. Just learn to innovatively market your unique services, utilizing Sarah's proven turnkey system for strategic success. During this highly interactive, thought-provoking session, she reveals strategies that land huge corporate contracts and grow a roster of Fortune 500 clients. She'll share her secrets to find longer-term, revenue-rich work with both corporate and private clients. Obtain multiple referrals, valuable introductions, and influential testimonials. She also shows how to apply the 80/20 rule to leverage your brand, increase revenues, and attract 6-figure clients you retain forever. Sarah's expertise attracts dozens of prestigious blue-chip Fortune 500 and 6-figure clients. She has years of experience teaching many other high-profile consultants how to win their own lucrative corporate contracts.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • List 12 advanced strategies to predictably turn one corporate client into numerous 6-figure clients with ongoing, long-term contractual work.
  • Explore innovative customer-centric marketing techniques to turn private and corporate customers into everlasting clients who actively broadcast your value to others.
  • Discover 3 powerful techniques that will open multiple doors to lucrative corporate collaborations with you as a valued partner.
  • Analyze exactly why the 80/20 Pareto principle is your key to building repeat business with premium high-dollar clients.

Delby Bragais

Personal Brand Makeover: Reinvent Yourself for Impact, Influence & Incredible Income (0.4 CEUs English Workshop)

Delby Bragais, AICI CIM

This session provides image consultants with a road map to reinvent themselves using the proprietary program - "8 Steps to a Personal Brand Makeover"  to grow their business in the face of rapid technological advancement, the onslaught of multiple messages bombarding us on a daily basis, and stiff competition.

(B) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Describe 3 advantages of a strong personal brand
  • Name the 8 Steps to a Personal Brand Makeover
  • Give an example for each of the 8 Steps to a Personal Brand Makeover
  • Identify 3 different ways to increase visibility and share your personal brand

Carolina Bejar

Present Like Ted Become a Master Speaker (0.4 CEUs English Workshop) (Certified Member Only)

Carolina Bejar, AICI CIM, ICF Certified Coach

If you've ever wondered what it takes to prepare and deliver a winning TED presentation, this session is for you! Ideas are the currency of the twenty-first century. In order to succeed, you need to be able to sell your ideas persuasively. This ability is the single greatest skill that will help you accomplish your dreams.   The goal of this workshop is to learn  the techniques, structures and specific points to give presentations in the TEDx style and to present ideas in a short time.  "If you want to present a talk of one hour give me a month, if you want to present a talk of 15 minutes give me 6 months" Winston Churchill.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Identify the skills needed to speak in public
  • Describe how to synthesize a theme into a great idea and connect each point with the main theme
  • Identify how to make the audience feel connected to the speaker
  • Develop strategies to intrigue, attract and engage the audience
  • Describe the importance of professional appearance to achieve a leadership projection
  • Recognize the relevance of nonverbal communication to use as a strategy

Eva Koeck-Eripek

Ann Lindsay

Step by Step Process and Procedures for a Woman's vs Man's Image Consultation (0.4 CEUs English Workshop)

Eva Koeck-Eripek, AICI CIM & Ann Lindsay, AICI CIC

If you are new to Image Consulting this is the perfect workshop for you. International educator/CIM Eva Kock-Eripek and menswear expert Ann Lindsay team up to ensure you are confident in executing the early consultations that will be the building blocks for your business. It is valuable to picture yourself actually moving from step to step with the client and in this class Eva and Ann will bring to you two different practice styles, and for both men and women's consultation to help you decide which is best for your own style while working with clients.

(B) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • By the end of the session participants will be able to:
  • Compare two different preparation/intake procedures for men vs. women
  • Compare two different color analysis procedures (men vs. women)
  • Compare two different procedures (men vs. women)  in analysis of hair, makeup, skin, glasses and how to communicate to your client
  • Compare two different procedures (men vs. women) to determine Universal Style and how to communicate to your client what styles of clothing and colors/patterns would be best for them.
  • Compare two different procedures for measuring a man and a woman and how to communicate this information into suggestions for proportion and silhouette.
  • Compare two different descriptions (men vs women) that take your image discoveries and translate them into a future work.

Carla Mathis

History of Costume: How it is the Secret Ingredient to Sensational Style (0.4 CEUs English Workshop) (Certified Member Only)

Carla Mathis, AICI CIM

Go on a visual journey with Carla Mathis as she shows you the origin of fashion trends that can still be seen today, from ancient to modern periods of history. You'll learn to identify historic costume periods from Ancient Persian to Modern, and then use this knowledge to create artful & exciting clothing presentation.  In this fast paced, inter-active and fun-filled workshop you will be able to identify specific costume details in various time periods, and how to apply this to modern dress: Line Movement, Line Direction, and Silhouettes As well as Quality of Design Effect, Amount of Design, and Weight of Design.  You will walk away with a trained eye for design, and a better understanding of the secret ingredient for Sensational Style!  Bring along your fashion mags and catalogs!

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the importance of using History of Costume Knowledge in order to create artful clothing presentations
  • Recognize & Identify historic costume periods from Ancient Persian to Modern Identify specific costume details in periods from Ancient to Modern - Line Movement: Straight, Curved, Meandering, Jagged; Line Direction: Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal; Silhouettes: Rectangle, Oval, Hourglass, Figure-eight, Triangle, Inverted Triangle; Quality of Design Effect: Smooth, Soft, Light, Rugged; Amount of Design: Simple, Medium, Complex; Weight of Design: Light, Medium, Heavy 
  • Choose accessories that 1. Are in harmony with a garment that is reminiscent of a period of History 2. Are from an historical period in order to create interest in a basic garment, and support the personality of the person

Sarah Hathron

Top Secrets to 5X Your Revenues & Results (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIM

Multiply your business and profitability, with transformational strategies presented in this highly interactive and engaging session.  Sarah helps you to discover, list, and leverage your unique "5 Pillars" of success to accelerate the results your clients love. You'll also learn Sarah's special "know and grow" approach to elevate your business with phenomenal productivity and powerful performance. Expand your market share with innovation, evangelism, and the ability to easily increase your fees to 5X your revenues. Fill your client pipeline with loyal customers who actively help you continue to increase your client roster. Think bigger. Grow faster. Boost your brand. Amp-up your revenues. Do it all, with Sarah's expertise and easy-to-implement proven techniques and secret strategies.  Sarah's expertise is why her private clients refer to her as "the acceleration coach," for helping them 5X their revenues.

(I) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Define the 5 Pillars of your unique offering and expertise.
  • Identify 5 amazing results your clients enjoy by choosing you.
  • Explore actionable ways to 5X your magnetic marketing methods and attract premium clients glad to pay higher fees.
  • Learn 5 specific, proven ways to successfully and predictably 5X your

Eva Koeck-Eripek

MakeUp & Hair to Enhance The Over 45 Female Client (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Eva Koeck-Eripek, AICI CIM

As we age the appearance and needs of our hair and face changes. This Workshop will detail the differences in selection and makeup performance of mature skin as well as suggest youthful but age-appropriate hairstyles for woman over 45.  Learn how to perfect makeup application techniques and hair and makeup color choices for a mature woman using nuances of color, placing each in it's ideal setting and arranging the most flattering composition for your client.  This session demonstrates visually the step by step methods to bring out the beautiful mature woman in your client and expands your consulting target offering to a wider group

(B/I/A) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Participants will be able to analyze the changes to skin and features at different ages
  • Participants will be able to select materials and products for aging type MakeUp
  • Participants will be able to describe the ideal MakeUp Technique for mature eyebrow, eyes and lips
  • Participants will be able to name the basic principles for hairstyles for mature woman
  • Participants will be able to identify the right haircut and style to support the client's personality
  • Participants will be able to demonstrate consulting expertise perfect for their over 45 client 

Hitomi Ohmori

Mastering New Men's Business Dress Code (0.2 CEUs Japanese Session)

Hitomi Ohmori, AICI CIM


(B) Learning Outcomes

  • ビジネス戦略としてのドレスコードの基本を定義できる
  • シーン別(TPO)のビジネスドレスコードを識別できる
  • アイテムやカラー別にビジネスドレスコードを分析できる
  • 職種や役職別にビジネスでの服装を分類できる
  • 実例を共有し、成功する服装術を向上させることができる

Christina Ong

Making Business Sense of the Dollars in Colour Expertise (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Christina Ong, AICI CIM

If you are an image consultant with a passion for colour, this session is a must! Learn how to accelerate earnings from colour expertise to expand business opportunities.

The myth – “Image consultants can’t make money on colour expertise.”

Typically, image consultants start their career full of passion for transforming the visual image of clients, only to let this go for more lucrative aspects of image consulting.

However, those who have successfully grown their business to include visual image management will tell you that 9/10 people are curious to know their colours. Clients are also more likely to remember and engage you after personally learning interesting insights about their colours.

So, how can you earn more and leverage on colour services to scale an image consulting business?
Challenging a shift in mindset, Christina shares proven strategies that will help you to increase colour-related earnings. Each strategy will make perfect sense as you work through the dollars to create a business plan. This session is packed with fresh ideas that you can immediately put into action after this session.

(B/I) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Assess your colour consulting success quotient (quiz)
  • Calculate earnings on fees and delivery methods for colour services
  • Compare the difference between working “in your business” and working “On the business”
  • Review 2 strategies for scaling your business on colour expertise
  • Brainstorm ideas for at least 1 strategy
  • Write one key idea or strategy that you can apply from this session

Judith Rasband

What’s Your Brand Style?
Branding, Rebranding & Reaching Your Brand (0.4 CEUs English Workshop)

Judith Rasband, MS AICI, CIM

Your brand is what gets you booked by clients in the first place.  A great brand is what gets you re-booked for continuing seminars and services.  Join Certified Image Master Judith Rasband as she explains why nobody cares about function, features, and benefits anymore.  Learn the difference between Brand Style and Brand Value from an image industry icon whose brand exemplifies authenticity, alignment, professionalism, and effectiveness.  You’ll get the inside scoop on the “competitive strategy curve” and how to create, build, refine, and re-define your own brand.  You will receive great ideas and inspiration for your own branding or re-branding journey.  Then hone in on eight simple steps or goals for profitable communication of your brand that moves potential clients from lookers to bookers.  If you want to learn what it really takes to build a great brand and a six-figure image consulting business, you can’t afford to miss this session.

Your brand is what makes people choose to book with you, and to choose between you and someone else.  You’ve got to take charge of the outcome—take action!  This is a content-rich, fast-paced, hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves session in which you’ll work individually and in group exercises, to complete your own Brand Strategy Sheet.  You’ll clarify your message, target market, content and value provided, positioning, brand image and personality projection.  We’ll also connect to the emotional fuel and mindset you need to support this work, and help you gather the fuel to stay committed and motivated in the execution.  You’ll narrow your focus and identify top priority projects to propel your brand development.  You’ll identify the resources you need to accomplish your projects.  By the end of this session, you will walk away with a 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day Brand Plan of Action to get yourself booked.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Define/Explain Brand Concept.
  • Define/Explain Brand Value.
  • Define Brand Style.
  • Diagram the Competitive Strategy Curve.
  • Diagram the Classic Brand Pyramid and explain.
  • Explain what “all about them” means in relation to your brand.
  • List 5 of the 8 goals for profitable communication of your brand.

Carla Mathis

Calling the Courageous: Watch the Image Consultant's Image Consultant in Action (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Carla Mathis, AICI CIM

Carla Mathis, the world-renowned "image consultant to image consultants" will demonstrate on three volunteer professional image consultants how to: Refine their image (even more) because every image consultant needs an image consultant!. At this fun, interactive workshop Carla teaches your eye to 'see' subtle design differences that can elevate your look from "Looking Good!" to "Looking Great" as a "Walking Work of Art." After watching Carla in action you will get to practice with each other.  For the Brave: before Conference: send a picture of you in your favorite presentation outfit to Carla. If chosen, you will receive an intake questionnaire to bring to this session.

(B/I/A) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • List strategies for improving your or your client’s clothing to improve ‘fit’ and ‘proportion’
  • Demonstrate the Principles of Relatedness, and the difference they can make in your visual clothing communication
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze a client’s visual presentation based on the  ‘Big 5”
  • Demonstrate how to use The Language of Encouragement when analyzing a client’s visual presentation

May Chan

Essential Tips to work with different Fashion Brands (0.2 CEUs Chinese Session)

May Chan, AICI CIP

Since I changed my career from a Hotel Group Director of Human Resources to a full time Image Consultant 3 years ago, I was appointed by different fashion brands to be their image consultant  which includes Mont Blanc, Shanghai Tang, Calvin Klein, Agnes b, Michael Kors as well as Jewelry  Bands in Hong Kong.  I would like to share with all new image consultants how to prepare yourself to be an image consultant who works with various fashion brands, how to get your image diversity to work with the fashion brands and how to market your position in the market.

自从3年前我从酒店集团人力资源总监摇身一变成为形象顾问,在短短的数年里,我非常荣幸能成为不同风格的时尚品牌之形象顾问,包括Montblanc ,Shanghai Tang,Calvin Klein ,Agnes B, Michael Kors及拥有一百年历史的香港惠记珠宝。我想与各新晋的形象顾问分享如何让自己成为尝试与不同的时尚品牌合作,如何令您的形像多元化,与时尚品牌接轨,以及如何在市场上推广您的个人品牌。

(B) Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Identify how to get ready yourself to work with various fashion brands
  • List an effective way to attract the potential clients
  • Identify the tactics on how to connect with the fashion brands and make them confident to work with you

Nelly Villarroel

Keys for getting AICI CIC & CIP Certification (0.2 CEUs Spanish Session)
Claves para obtener la Certificación CIC & CIP

Nelly Villarroel, AICI CIP

Esta sesión describe, de manera simple y estructurada, las claves para obtener la Certificación CIC y CIP. Respecto a la Certificación CIC, se propone una fórmula simple para desarrollar el Portafolio en corto tiempo y enfocando el estudio del examen solo en contenidos claves. Para la Certificación CIP, se propone una secuencia lógica de desarrollo, considerando aspectos comunes entre ambos Portafolios y organizando la información de tal manera que reduzca el tiempo de trabajo y la complejidad. En forma práctica, la propuesta es una sesión de dos horas para simular a grandes rasgos ambos Portafolios.
El beneficio para los participantes es conocer la real complejidad del proceso de Certificación, referido principalmente al desarrollo de Portafolios, y por otro lado, entender lo valioso de estar certificado, lo que significa validar las habilidades, estar acreditado por AICI global y entregar servicios con reconocimiento de calidad.

(I) Resultados de Aprendizaje

Al término de la sesión, los participantes podrán:

  • Evaluar los beneficios de obtener la certificación CIC y CIP
  • Describir los contenidos claves del examen CIC
  • Describir en forma general el Portafolio CIC
  • Desarrollar un plan de trabajo fácil para el Portafolio CIC
  • Describir en forma general el Portafolio CIP
  • Desarrollar un plan de trabajo fácil y estructurado para el Portafolio CIP

Wendy Buchanon

Styling Specs! AccessorEYEZ your Clients with Great Glasses! (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Wendy Buchanan, Eyewear Image Expert, Licensed Optician

Eyewear has become the Hot Fashion Accessory with many clients looking to create wardrobes of eyewear and utilizing their specs to help build their personal brand. This fun, hands-on workshop will give you optical savvy to be the "go to" eyewear expert in your neighborhood and grow your referral business.  You will learn the 5 Spec Styles, the eyewear trends each will wear and how to complement their clothing style.  This workshop will also laser focus on facial features showing how to accentuate best facial features and truly showcase your client’s personality! 

(B/I) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Identify 3 Top Eyewear Trends
  • List the top 3 Fitting Tips
  • Identify the 5 Spec Styles
  • Practice fitting a peer with eyewear to enhance facial features and complement their Top 2 Spec Styles

Dominique Isbecque

Leadership Presence, Why that's not enough. (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Dominique Isbecque, AICI CIP

Today, more than ever, looking like a leader does not make you a leader. In this 2-hour program you'll discover how leadership is necessary to business success and to clients.  There are leaders who are effecting positive change and those who really wield power. There's an old saying, "if women ran the world, the world would have no wars."  Corporations invest in leadership development and we see how there are more men in positions of leadership than women.   We have the opportunity to use our professional skills to help our clients move that needle towards an equilibrium. Invest in your own leadership development to discover how that can increase your revenues as well as empower clients to use their personal presence to effectuate change.  Most clients come to us for their outer appearance, when, they actuality are hiring us to solve a problem.  Often what is in the way of achieving their goals is beyond image. Be a leader, embody your strengths and you'll see your clients transform.

(B/I) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Compare leadership (L), power, influence, coaching.
  • Identify consequential impacts to business growth with a lack of L and with conscious L.
  • Discover core personal values that will awaken natural L within.
  • List 3 core elements to developing L communication
  • List methods to uncovering clients’ potential L Goals
  • Practice creating strategies to incorporating L in both client consulting and client prospecting opportunities

Elizabeth Weinstein

Learning Circles with Experts (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Dr. Elizabeth Weinstein, PhD

Be inspired by four AICI CEU Providers in one session. In this innovative and fast-paced educational workshop, participants can choose four of six mini learning circles to attend. Each CEU Provider expert will present rich content combined with engaging activities in an intimate learning circle.   Topics will cover a diverse range of subjects that will appeal to image consultants. The presentations could include such topics as building a client base, harnessing social media to enhance your business and working with challenging clients.  Our CEU Providers are experts. They come with a wealth of knowledge and experience but they are also innovators. They are ready to share their ideas.

(I) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Identify at least six useful ideas to enhance their image business
  • List at least two people to contact at Conference who can help them apply these ideas to their image consulting business.

Roundtable Speakers

Christina Ong Ferial Youakim Evelyn Lundstrom Priscilla Chan Josephine Lui Carla Mathis
Christina Ong, AICI CIM Ferial Youakim, AICI CIP Evelyn Lundström, AICI CIP Priscilla Chan, AICI CIP Josephine Lui Chit Fuen, AICI CIP Carla Mathis, AICI CIM

Ana Cheong Cheok Yin

Mindfulness in Consulting (0.2 CEUs Chinese Session)

Ana Cheong Cheok Yin, AICI CIP

In consulting, the ability to listen, having the capacity to pay attention to details, holding the natural ability to communicate clearly, providing relevant feedback & recommend effective solutions proficiently are essential skills that makes one a great consultant. This is why “mindfulness” is extremely important. Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, so that the mind is fully attending to what is being done at that point in time. This may seem trivial but we often realize (only in hindsight) that our mind often takes flight midway through work & we seem to get engrossed in obsessive thoughts about something that just happened or worrying about the future that hasn’t happened -  and all that can easily lead to poor consulting. Mindfulness is not a spiritual practice or some philosophical guff. It is all about cultivating a greater awareness of “self” and the devotion to break free from old habits & thought patterns that hinder transformation of goals into reality.

在咨询方面,具备倾听能力、注重细节、保持清晰沟通的本能、提供相关反馈并熟练地推荐有效的解决方案,这些都是让人成为优秀顾问的基本技能。这就是为什么“觉察”非常重要。 觉察是人们全神贯注感受当下的本能,这是心灵完全关注在此时此刻所做的事的状态。 这看起来似乎微不足道,但我们经常意识到(或后知后觉)我们的思维经常在工作中途失去专注力,而我们常着重于思考刚刚已发生的事情或过度担心还未发生的事情,而这一切很容易导致咨询效率降低。觉察并非一种精神练习或一些哲学上的胡言。这一切都是为了培养更高的“自我觉察意识”,以及突破将目标转化为现实的阻碍及旧习惯和思维模式。

(B/I/A) Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Identify how closed cognition hinders professional growth and business development
  • Practice open cognition to enhance client-consulting outcome and improve focus on building business
  • Identify key habits that cause loss of focus
  • Avoid a wandering mind
  • Develop a life-long mindfulness practice

Maria Pia

How to Build your Trainings Pedagogically (0.2 CEUs Spanish Session)
Como utilizar la Pedagogía en sus trainings

Maria Pia Estebecorena, AICI CIP, PhD

En este Workshop usted conocerá  las claves para producir cursos y entrenamientos diseñados a partir de elementos pedagógicos y didácticos que faciliten el aprendizaje y garanticen la comprension a personas de diferentes culturas . Aprender como enseñar a quienes enseñan a través de herramientas de la Didáctica que permitan dar un optimo entrenamiento aun frente a diferentes públicos. Como enseñar a pensar y aprender. Identificar su estilo de enseñanza y mejorar sus habilidades como facilitador. Saber como planificar y armar una propuesta de enseñanza eficaz.

(A) Resultados de Aprendizaje

Al término de la sesión, los participantes podrán:

  • Puedo comparar mis estilos de enseñanza con nuevas categorías para lograr una mejor forma de entrenamiento
  • Puedo identificar las claves esenciales de la enseñanza y lo que nunca debería faltar en una propuesta educativa a nivel académico
  • Puedo planificar escribiendo objetivos
  • Puedo identificar los niveles de prioridad en la enseñanza a través de la construcción de un mapa conceptual
  • Puedo identificar la diferencia entre la enseñanza conductual, constructiva y cognitiva para lograr un proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje efectivos

Aysha Correa

Luciana Ulrich

Personalization: Making the Most of Color Consultations (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Aysha Correa, Style Consultant & Luciana Ulrich

We all know how color plays a significant role in image management and how excited clients usually are about learning their best colors. On the other hand, some people fear that being categorized in a season would put them "inside a box" and restrain their possibilities. In this session, we are going to explore how to personalize color consultations, based not only on technical analysis but also considering the client style and essence. We believe that having a service that respects people's individuality through a personalization can be an important factor in the success of your business. 

(B/I) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Participants will be able to discuss current topics in color analysis
  • Participants will be able to compare different styles and seasonal colors at the same process
  • Participants will be able to recognize the importance of personalization beyond pigment's technical analysis

Yan Liang

Effective Design Thinking (0.2 CEUs Chinese Session)

Yan (Lucy) Liang, AICI CIP

The mindset is essential when creating (and selling) something. This Image consultant educational course will help image consultants open the third eye to look at image management skill. It will help to gain insights on how to Design effectively and successfully present the Useful and effective class or training program to clients.   You'll discover key methods, tools and information resources you can use immediately upon finishing this course. Learn how to think and design effectively before present and delivery.   In addition, you will learn the critical method for effective design thinking to enhance professional growth and income. This session is in the Chinese language.
思维模式在创造或销售时尤为重要。《高效设计思维》将帮助形象顾问开启脑洞,换一种思维看待和运用形象管理技能。将帮助顾问提升洞见,有效组织和运用适合的方式设计工作坊。 参与者将能够在工作坊中发现关键方式、方法、工具和信息,运用至未来的设计和输出中。助力有效转化为创造经济效益的生产力

(I) Learning Outcomes 學習成果

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Define Design thinking.
  • Describe the key point of effective design thinking.
  • Evaluate what is the main issue and Develop insight by Discussion and Practice
  • Develop logical and effective methods and ability of tell a story or design a workshop

Lorena Saca

How to Create your own Media Show and Gain Customers (0.2 CEUs Spanish Session)
Como crear tu propio show de medios y ganar clients

Lorena Saca, AICI CIC

Muchas personas consideran que no es necesario contratar los servicios de un especialista en imagen. Creen que para proyectar su imagen basta con usar prendas de su agrado,  visitar un salón de belleza, estar a la moda o usar X marca. También creen que los modales o hábitos aprendidos en casa son suficientes, sin preguntarse si estos son los apropiados socialmente. En esta sesión Lorena Compartirá su experiencia y estrategia para que tú puedas crear tu propio show de medios y ganar clientes. Tú serás capaz de analizar tu situación actual, identificaras los pasos para crear tu propio plan, mejorar tu presencia incursionando en los medios y ganar clientes.

(I) Resultados de Aprendizaje
Al final de la sesión, los participantes podrán:

  • Analizar su estado actual como asesor de imagen
  • Evaluar los medios de comunicación de su entorno
  • Identificar la mejor plataforma de medios de comunicación para su público deseado
  • Hacer una lista de temas básicos
  • Desarrollar los pasos básicos para lograr su presencia en los medios
  • Preparar estrategias para construir una sólida reputación

Rachel Jordan

It's not Luck, it's Soft Skills. (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Rachel Jordan

It is no use for technology to reduce borders if the professional does not know how to exceed them. Having good social skills is the magic trick for anyone who wants to extend their relationships beyond the screen (computer or smartphone). Good manners, civility, and concern with others represent conscious social behavior in every corner of the world. In this session you will learn to establish positive and pleasant relationships through behaviors, gestures, attitudes and body language that will make a difference.

(I) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Participants will be able to recognize the importance of good manners
  • Participants will be able to discuss the perception of professionalism using behavior as a differential
  • Participants will be able to practice essential topics to engage in a polished and professional manner
  • Participants will be able to recognize the importance of behavior as a form of differential for interpersonal relationships 

Sheila Wong

S.E. Asia Culture: Etiquette & Market Behavior (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Sheila Wong, AICI CIP

"DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, DIFFERENT CUSTOMS,” as Sean Connery said to Michael Caine in The Man Who Would Be King.  And that is what South East Asia is about “a Different Mindset. South East Asia, a melting pot of culture, cuisine, races and language “comprises of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, among others. Every country has its own culture that contribute to twists on etiquette and business behaviour, which, if not observed, could form the biggest obstacle to smooth sailing in that country.  S.E.ASIA CULTURE: ETIQUETTE & MARKET BEHAVIOUR is a 2-hour program that focuses on how to navigate the business minefield of S.E. Asia with the right foot forward and avoiding the landmines of greetings, gifts, etiquette, protocol, and market behaviour of these Asians at their workplace and in a social setting.  Sheila shares practical tips derived from real experience, gathered in her 18 years of establishing a strong business position.

(I) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate two different types of greetings for different nationalities in S.E.Asia
  • Identify 2 taboos in business in at least one S.E. Asian country.
  • Practice 2 business behaviours that are welcomed in S.E.Asia.
  • Describe 2 don'ts to avoid as the welcomed guest during a meal hosted by a Chinese, a Malay or a Hindu Indian.
  • Name one religion that is predominant in two S.E. Asian countries.
  • Use the right business attire in a Government office in Malaysia. 

Brian Lipstein

Ann Lindsay

Mastering Men - The Essential Foundations (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Brian Lipstein, AICI CIC & Ann Lindsay, AICI CIC

Master menswear trainer Ann Lindsay and Master bespoke tailor Brian Lipstein present this fun and valuable session for those considering adding the entire other half of the potential image clients available to you - Men! Why leave consulting dollars on the table, and the oh-so-valuable big-ticket corporate clients looking for an image professional who can work with both men and women? Ann has launched over 50 women into a career working with men - coaching them where to find clients, how they buy and how to do a man-perfect image session. Brian has worked with over 2,500 men to help style them for any occasion, from weddings to boardrooms.  His experience and knowledge of tailored clothing, and individualized approach to working with his clients, uniquely positions him as one of the foremost experts in menswear throughout the United States.  This session promises that you'll leave with all of the basics to begin working with men.   

(B) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Identify at least 5 key differences between men and women in terms of how they shop, how they think about their image and what triggers make them want to retain you.
  • Identify how to modify your approach to an image assessment, closet and personal shopping work to be optimally suited for the male client.
  • Define 5 basic skills needed to begin a practice working with men.
  • Define at least 6 style elements of men’s tailored clothing and how to choose what's right for different clients
  • Define how to use color, contrast, scale and pattern specifically in your work with men
  • Select appropriately for your client from a wide range of apparel resources available.

Priscilla Chan

4 Secrets to Clinch USD 1.2 million Client Account (0.2 CEUs Chinese Session)

Priscilla Chan, AICI CIP

As an image consultant, have you had a US$1.2 million client, or are you struggling to strive in your business?  After years of relentless work put into this image business, many image consultants still could not make good income successfully. Why is it so? This 2-hour business workshop conducted in Mandarin will provide solutions to this challenge! Through CHANEL case analysis, participants will explore opportunities and practice the essence of 4 secret steps to clinch that 1.2M dollars contract. This intensive workshop includes goal setting, self-development plan, consultative selling and facilitation techniques to enable participants to fully grasp the secrets of winning “big” clients in the future and take actions immediately.  This session is highly interactive. Participants will be engaged in various discussions and exercises. Participants will learn in a fun, effective and interesting way. 

這2小時工作坊會為您解答以上問題!通過“CHANEL”的案例分析,您將有機會充分掌握將來贏得“大”客戶的4大秘訣,並能立即採取行動。 工作坊的內容包括目標設定,自我發展計畫,諮詢銷售和引導技能。 這是一個具有高度互動性的工作坊,您將會在開心之中學習,並參與各種討論和練習。

(B/I) Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Determine their business vision and goal in writing.
  • List 5 methods for achieving your goals
  • Identify the difference between normal selling and consultative selling 
  • Describe 4 effective training techniques.  

Teresa Prieto

Sell More and Stop Hating the Sales Process (0.2 CEUs Spanish Session)
Aumenta tus Ingresos y Deja de Odiar el Proceso de Ventas

Teresa Prieto, AICI CIP

* ¿Tienes suficientes "leads" o contactos pero se te dificulta convertirlos en clientes?
* ¿Con frecuencia sientes que en las reuniones de ventas te va muy bien pero al final el "cliente" desaparece?
* ¿Te gustaría tener un paso a paso que te guíe en tu proceso de ventas?

En estas sesión aprenderás que tener un sistema de ventas te permitirá tener mayor control de tus procesos de ventas. También te proveerá de la seguridad que necesitas para alcanzar tu metas de ingresos.
Compartiré estrategias y herramientas que he aprendido a través de 6 años del mejor sistema de ventas del mundo, Sandler Training®, y he adaptado a mi negocio de imagen exitosamente. No te convertirás en experto de la noche a la mañana pero estoy segura que te ahorrará 6 años de trabajo que yo he invertido en descubrirlas y aterrizarlas a mi negocio.

(I) Resultados de Aprendizaje

El participante: 

  • Evaluará los obstáculos que los consultores de imagen encuentran en las ventas y recibirán +7 herramientas para poder superarlos.
  • Identificará los 7 pasos del sistema de ventas Sandler Training® para tener más claridad y certidumbre en sus procesos de ventas.
  • Practicará como crear una misma estatura de negocios durante sus procesos de ventas para evitar que los clientes abusen o tomen el control de la venta.
  • Calificará a los clientes de acuerdo a dolor, presupuesto y decisión para no perder tiempo con prospectos que no van a comprar y reducirá el tiempo de un proceso de ventas de aquellos que si estén interesados.  
  • Diseñará preguntas que le ayudarán a encontrar la verdadera razón para comprar de un cliente y así no tener expectativas falsas.

Cris Alves

Facetelling: What Facial Features Tell about your Client? (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Cris Alves, Image Consultant, Face Analysis Specialist

Although it takes up only 1/8 of body proportions, the face is the element of greater impact in personal image. It is the point of visual and affective contact with everything around and it's responsible for 80% of the judgments formed in first impressions - the visual language of facial features is the factor most quickly interpreted by the brain. Thus, the reading of facial features is a valuable analysis tool for understanding people's behavioral and personality tendencies, with scientific basis. This presentation will provide image consultants with practical tools for identifying the shapes and proportions of clients' facial features, as well as reading each of them according to Morphopsychology (also named Facial Psychology). Through the study of each element of the face (forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, asymmetries and face dimensions), we will teach the techniques for proper facial analysis by connecting it to behavioral areas and "noises" in the clients' image.

(I) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Describe the process of neural image creation;
  • Recognize how face elements affect first impressions (before clothing);
  • Identify and nominate lines and forms of facial features - forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and chin - in frontal and profile plans;
  • Analyze face segments (upper, middle and lower thirds) and their relationships with the visual balance and behavioral tendencies;
  • Analyze face asymmetries, interpret their meanings and find ways to harmonize them;
  • Identify the emotional and behavioral tendencies of each facial feature.

Ferial Youakim

Jacqueline Wzhitmore

Building Your Business & Bottom Line (0.2 CEUs English Session)                

Ferial Youakim, AICI CIP & Jacqueline Whitmore

In this fiercely competitive world, growing your business while keeping up with social media and marketing is a big challenge for image consultants. In this session we will be sharing with you the tools that will give you the cutting-edge; making the difference between your business and others.   You will learn how to expand your business by improving your marketing and social media skills to sell your services, enhance the potential of success and increase your bottom line. We will share with you our trade secrets, the tools and tactics that make a difference to build a successful business.   In this session you will be equipped with new, easy and straightforward methodologies that will take the guesswork out and ensure your clients get the maximum benefit from your services as well as adding additional services to maximize every client sale.  So come along and join us, you will be inspired, empowered and have the ability to up sell and cross sell new and existing services. This

(B/I/A) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Define the multifaceted business of image consulting
  • Distinguish their own cutting-edge differences
  • List various services an image consultant can provide
  • Compare their knowledge, tools and products
  • Define their ideal client and discuss how to market to that client
  • Develop a social media and marketing plan for their own company

Maria Pinola

Image Consultant for Brides, Bridesmaids and Guests (0.2 CEUs Spanish Session)
Asesoramiento de Imagen para novias, madrinas de bodas y quinceañeras.

María Pínola, AICI CIC

En esta sesión desarrollaremos el paso a paso que el consultor de imagen debe seguir para realizar un correcto asesoramiento de imagen para novias, madrinas y quinceañeras. Aprenderemos como usar una herramienta fundamental para el consultor de imagen, el test de estilo para novias y eventos.
Análisis de:  morfología corporal y los diseños adecuados para cada caso.  Colorimetría y los colores adecuados para diferentes estaciones y eventos. Desarrollo del estilo de las protagonistas del evento.

(I) Resultados de Aprendizaje
Al final de la sesión, los participantes podrán:

  • Como se estructura el servicio de Asesoramiento de Imagen para eventos.
  • Utilización de nueva herramienta para descubrir y potenciar el estilo: Test de estilo.
  • Reconocimiento de los diferentes estilos aplicados a la protagonista del evento.
  • Conocer telas, cortes y diseños adecuados a cada tipo de cuerpo para asesorar correctamente.
  • Realización de un informe personalizado para entregar al cliente.
  • Calificará a los clientes de acuerdo a dolor, presupuesto y decisión para no perder tiempo con prospectos que no van a comprar y reducirá el tiempo de un proceso de ventas de aquellos que si estén interesados.  
  • Diseñará preguntas que le ayudarán a encontrar la verdadera razón para comprar de un cliente y así no tener expectativas falsas.

Fe Luchesi

Increase Income to Your Image Business with Digital Marketing (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Fê Luchesi, Coach, Trainer

Marketing has always been the strategic tool to make business to stand out and have success. But today it is all digital and the marketing strategy has changed a lot! If you do not follow the new rules of content and relationship with the audience, you will be out of the game soon. Instagram, for example, is one of the main social media in the Image Consultant market today and will help you grow your business faster. Like Instagram, other tools and resources will provide you with agility and productivity, especially with you have no team.  Understanding how to apply the marketing trends, concepts, resources and using techniques of influence to engage will help you built a better communication and sell more! You need to stand out in your market niche, and it needs to be now.

(I) Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Digital Marketing Concept and Vocabulary
  • How to Create an Audience on Instagram
  • Digital Marketing Trends for 2019
  • How to create sales/marketing funnel
  • Digital marketing resources ( apps, websites, softwares)

Joanne Rae

Show me the Money, Honey! (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Joanne Rae, AICI CIP

Do setting fees and packages give you nightmares? If so this session is for you! Clients are the core of your business and you want them coming back season after season to work with you. We will have lively and enthusiastic discussion, and conceive ideas that will work for you personally. These will include what to do and what not to do in setting fees and creating packages. Joanne will share the four most important components to consider when deciding on your fees, and she will share her personal approach to selling retainers and packages to secure a more consistent annual revenue.

(B) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Illustrate the Importance of the client
  • Identify a formula to help determine their own fee structure
  • Analyze & compare fees from online sources
  • Define their personal value for service
  • Write up to three personal packages to implement immediately
  • Demonstrate and practice the art of selling retainer packages

Evelyn Lundstrom

Emma McDermott

Coloring Outside the Lines: How to Follow the Rules, or Break them on Purpose (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Evelyn Lundström, AICI CIP & Emma McDermott, BaCS

Have you ever wondered if there was something more you needed to be aware of to have the ultimate confidence that your client's’ color analysis was accurate?  This session is about building upon the training and experience you already have, so that you feel more confident assessing your client's color direction without second guessing yourself.  We will examine some of the confusion surrounding the approach to, and process of color analyzing your client, and share tips and techniques for helping them get the most out of their swatch...and ultimately their wardrobe.   When you can blend the science of color analysis and the art of color application, you will have the edge over those who simply follow a process.  Confidently navigating any challenges your client presents; helps you be the go-to color consultant; and enjoy all the referrals your client can't help but send your way.

(I) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Identify the differences between undertone and overtone.
  • Identify the changes that may occur to the client's complexion while color draping.
  • Analyze the combined effect of skin, hair and eye color to determine color value.
  • Evaluate the impact of eyes/hair/personality on signature color.
  • Recognize opportunities to ask better questions and get better results.
  • Develop strategies for creating an experience for the client that meets his/her immediate needs, and sets up future opportunities for you the consultant.

Shanna Pecoraro

Positive Body Language for Professionals (0.4 CEUs Chinese Workshop)

Shanna Pecoraro, AICI CIP 吳珊娜

Get ready for an inspiring session that will renew and enhance your understanding of body language and go deep into the non-verbal practices with your clients and people around you. In this unique session, you’ll learn to read the non-verbal signals and practice positive body language in your everyday life.

為了更新和加強您对肢体语言的理解,珊娜老师将带领你深入探讨, 您的客户以及您身边的每个人的非语言实践。 在这一堂独特启发性的课程中,您将学习阅读非语言信号,增加专业能力,并在日常生活中实行积极的肢体语言。

(I/A) Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Practice positive body language purposely.
  • Use nonverbal cues to communicate and get the reaction you want
  • List three positive body languages that will increase your authority.
  • Explain how body language influences communication more than words.

Cynthia de la Garza

Increase Clients with Cultural Intelligence (0.4 CEUs Spanish Workshop)
Incrementa tus clientes con Inteligencia Cultural

Cynthia De La Garza, AICI CIC

Desarrollar una Inteligencia Cultural ayuda a los Consultores en Imagen a expandir sus servicios a personas de otras culturas. Examinaremos el impacto que la cultura tiene en la apariencia, la comunicación y la etiqueta verbal y no verbal en todo el mundo y los ajustes necesarios en cada una.

Cuanto mejor podamos leer y adaptarnos a una cultura, más fácilmente podremos establecer credibilidad y construir relaciones con los clientes. Por lo tanto, es esencial explorar lo que las personas de diferentes culturas ven como "la norma" en su cultura.

La cultura influye en nuestra manera de gesticular, en nuestro lenguaje corporal y nuestro manejo de espacio personal; comprender, interpretar y ajustarnos a ellas contribuyen a generar rapport. Saber que decir y comportarnos de manera apropiada son esenciales en nuestra etiqueta al dirigirnos a personas que tienen diferentes niveles jerárquicos. Adquirir el conocimiento de los ajustes que se deben hacer al entregar tarjetas de presentación, al hacer una auto presentación, al introducir personas, al referirnos a las personas y al dar obsequios son parte del conocimiento que todo consultor de imagen internacional debe adquirir.

Esta sesión fue diseñada para dar conocimiento y la aplicación práctica en Inteligencia Intercultural para Consultores en Imagen Internacional.

(B/I) Resultados de Aprendizaje
Al final de la sesión, los participantes podrán:

  • Identificar el impacto del desarrollo de la inteligencia intercultural
  • Entender la sensibilidad cultural necesaria como Consultores de Imagen para trabajar con clientes de diferentes culturas.
  • Identificar formas de expandir nuestros servicios y aumentar clientes
  • Nombrar las variaciones culturales en apariencia, comportamiento, comunicación y etiqueta
  • Dar ejemplos y practicar la influencia cultural en la comunicación no verbal: prosémica, kinésica (lenguaje corporal y gestos) y para lenguaje
  • Demostrar el uso de factores culturales para comparar las diferencias culturales
  • Calificará a los clientes de acuerdo a dolor, presupuesto y decisión para no perder tiempo con prospectos que no van a comprar y reducirá el tiempo de un proceso de ventas de aquellos que si estén interesados.  
  • Diseñará preguntas que le ayudarán a encontrar la verdadera razón para comprar de un cliente y así no tener expectativas falsas.

Karen Brunger

Alyce Parsons

Dressing for the Power of Three: Finding Your Hidden Gifts (0.4 CEUs English Workshop)

Alyce Parsons, AICI CIP, CET, CIHM & Karen Brunger, AICI CIP &

The Universal Style System is an essential, unique tool that empowers image professionals to accurately and successfully reveal clients' Inner-and-Outer beauty and character.   The Universal Style system helps us understand ourselves - what makes us excited and what is life-enhancing. It is a unique inner-guided way of bringing truth and beauty into the world. It's a call to action to help us formulate the best that is in us - who we are and what we love to do.   It is through the filter of our Classic foundational style - whether Sporty, Traditional or Elegant - that we perceive the world and ignite our Center of Intelligence to discover our hidden gifts.   Universal Style is a gift that we can offer clients to reveal the best of what lies hidden--a wonderful journey of self-discovery for all of us in this invaluable workshop. The best part: Universal Style has no global boundaries. It has been proven to work on any individual no matter their age, culture, condition.

(B/I/A) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Define the qualities of each of the 3 Core Classic Styles™.
  • Identify your personal Core Classic Style™ and its significance.
  • List three 2019 Spring trends that are in alignment with the Three Power Centers™.
  • Describe the energy transmitted in the colors, line and design, and fabric that align with each Core Classic Style™.
  • Define the Power of Three™ and its importance and relationship to discovering your “Hidden Gift™”
  • Identify clothing strategies to Balance the Three Power Centers / Core Classics™ to operate at maximum capacity for your unique mission.

Lucy Wang

Working With Corporations on Signature Program (0.2 CEUs Chinese Session)

Xiao Feng (Lucy) Wang, AICI CIC 王晓峰

This session will focus on how to work with corporations on identifying their needs, proposing your signature program based on clients expectations, designing tailor-made program and utilizing facilitation and coaching skills with image expertise to make the training workshop a memorable journey and build long-term cooperation with corporations. 


(B/I) Learning Outcomes

  • Identify 3 methods of identifying corporations’ needs and expectations
    学习3 种明确公司客户需求和期待的方法
  • List 5steps on designing the program like a learning journey want
    掌握为公司客户设计学习体验式定制课程项目的5 个步骤
  • Demonstrate 3 facilitation skills with image expertise for workshop;
    参与在公司客户工作坊中结合形象专业的3 种引导技巧
  • State the keys for observing feedback and seek for long-term cooperation.

Sandy Cornejo

The Image Advisor and its Therapeutic Function (0.2 CEUs Spanish Session)
El asesor de imagen y su función terapéutica

Sandy Cornejo, Lice n Psicologia

Nuevos horizontes se abren para el asesor de imagen cuando comprende que puede ayudar a clientes que están pasando por una situación vital especial.

Personas ciegas, pacientes con operaciones bariátricas, pacientes oncológicos son clientes que pueden recibir gran apuntalamiento de su autoestima a través de un asesoramiento de imagen.

Para esto es necesario conocer el funcionamiento del psiquismo de las personas, las recomendaciones especiales que requiere la atención de estas personas  y que el asesor de imagen cuente con ciertas herramientas emocionales y teóricas específicas 

(A) Objetivos de Aprendizaje
Al final de la sesión, los participantes podrán:

  • Identificar las habilidades personales necesarias para enfrentar clientes con cáncer,  con operaciones bariátricas  o personas ciegas según sus particularidades
  • Reconocer los signos de autoestima dañada en estos clientes  y la forma de desarrollar herramientas para asesorar a  estos clientes específicos. 
  •  Identificar estrategias para incorporar las sugerencias básicas para cada tipo de clientes de acuerdo a cómo está afectada su apariencia
  • Describir cómo aplicar el asesoramiento de imagen en el área de prevención y de reconstrucción de la autoestima  ( Asesoramiento paliativo)

Carolina Tan

Mission Possible: Business Licensing for Retention & Recurrent Revenue (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Carolina Tan, AICI CIP

This session is designed to help image consultants to spread out and stretch their market reach by providing meaty programs and delivering complete modules that they can sell to schools, institutions and corporations via the business licensing model. Granting the rights to use these materials for a specified period of time gives the image consultant a substantial one-time fee structure charge plus guarantees retention of services on a monthly basis with an added bonus of consistent passive income through royalties.

(I) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Define the three (3) target market for clients.
  • Outline the scope of services as image consultant including the core subject deliverables, time frame & cost breakdown.
  • Identify strategies to produce at least two (2) levels of program – primary & advanced.
  • Name the ten (10) core subjects and categorize them under the ABC’s of image.
  • Identify how to develop a substantial core curriculum, from customized workbooks to ppt which clients can use for the next ten (10) years of business operation.
  • Demonstrate a sample live training in front of clients & their representatives the module/s delivered.

Cindy Ann Peterson

Know Yourself: Grow Your Wealth (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Cindy Ann Peterson, B.S., AICI CIC

In our ever-expanding world of style and image experts, one problem that often arises is the question of what differentiates one image consultant from another. With similar services and training, it's virtually impossible to distinguish one consultant from another. Every consultant needs to understand that their competitive advantage and brand equity doesn't just come from their training and experience. It is the historical context of where they were born and raised, and major influences in their lives that makes each consultant unique.   There is no cookie cutter solution for what defines the best in the field. What is the best image consultant for one client can be the worst for another. Knowing how to apply your own personal history and adapt to your client should be the foundation for your brand. When plotting a course to success, image and style consultants need to understand that their unique value proposition doesn’t just come from their training and professional experience.

(B/I/A) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Define your core values
  • Identify your life experiences that make you unique
  • Analyze core aspects of your life and their impact on you today
  • Review the key skills of successful entrepreneurs

Imogen Lamport

Unlocking Your Client's Style from the Inside Out (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP

It is human nature to feel understood and accepted and now you can discover a new way of unlocking the door into your client's style essence, challenges and strengths. 16 Style Types unlocks the mysteries of psychological type's impact and influence on style. Myers Briggs is the most used, researched and trusted psychological type indicator globally and is the foundation of the 16 Style Types.  Discover what your client really wants from you, the best approach to use with them, how to determine the kind of consultation they will respond best to and what strategies will be the most effective for each type will revolutionise how you work as an image professional. Based on over 3 years of rigorous, ground-breaking research 16 Style Types is a new window into image and style unlike any other.  Discover a new tool that explains the psychology of your client's style that will change how you work with them forever.

(I) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Determine your own Super Style that is the core of your Style Type
  • Compare the 4 Super Styles and the different ways they approach style and image
  • Identify the most effective ways of working and communicating with each of the Super Styles

Ferial Youakim

Building Your Confidence to Build your Business Beyond Beauty & Style (0.2 CEUs English Session)

Ferial Youakim, AICI CIP

Building & maintaining your self-esteem is one of the most important things you can do in life & profession. People rarely chase their dreams or set long-term goals because they believe that doing so is pointless. Even when they put in the effort, they will use any setback to validate their lack of confidence. Having low self-esteem can even cause you to feel depressed, so working on it is vital. Once you make some progress and start feeling better about yourself, you will notice that you will have more motivation than ever before, & you will then be able to take control of your life and the direction in which it's moving. Although maintaining a positive state of mind is vital for those who want to build their self-esteem, you must also take action. Setting and achieving short-term goals will show that you can improve your situation & deal with the problems of life and profession. To take this take this tip to the next level, join us to hear how to Build your Business Beyond Beauty & Style.

(B/I/A) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Define the source for the lack of confidence and low self-esteem
  • Practice how to validate their lack of confidence  
  • Prepare a plan of action to overcome the issues discovered
  • Discuss the solution that lies in the five simple truths

Karen Tsuo

Beautiful Posture and Manners - Show your Grace (0.4 CEUs Chinese Workshop)
美姿美仪 - 举手投足展现优雅

Karen Tsuo, AICI CIP

Elegant, natural, and vivid manners are the expression of grace and temperament, and also beautiful body language. This session combines the theories of motion, dance, and yoga with power point presentation, video and classroom exercises to show the charming deportment from the gestures, manners, and movements. Use the beauty of the form to add points to the overall image.  Outline - Understanding the negative effects of bad posture. - How to cultivate a swan-like neck line. - Maintain a good posture at any time: Say goodbye, eating, waving, speech, walking upstairs and downstairs, etc. - What are the bad habits that undermine elegance?  - Practice and develop correct sitting, standing, and stepping postures.  - How to be the best in front of the spotlight.

优雅,自然,生动的仪态,是风度与气质的表现,也是一种美的形体语言。本课将结合律动、舞蹈和瑜珈的理论,配合图片、录相及课堂练习, 从姿态、举止和动作的修饰来展现动人的仪态。运用形体的美为整体造型加分。(参加学员请自备瑜珈弹力带,宴会包。着装要求:舒适,寛松的衣服和鞋子。另,晚礼服,高跟鞋可自选。)

(B) Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate your gracefulness and confidence - demonstrate how to walk on the red carpet.
  • Identify one pose to make you a long-legged sister.
    摆个 pose ,就能成为长腿姐姐
  • Identify more than 20 destructive body movements and keep your posture in good condition at any time.
  • Demonstrate the physical exercises and theory learned to develop and maintain healthy postures and a high energy presence.
    保持良好仪态的肢体训练:长颈、 开肩、 挺腰、提臀、并膝。
  • Distinguish the authoritative and the masculine walking VS slender and feminine walking. Using the tips for self-image enhancement and future client needs.
    权威阳刚的走姿 vs 纤细阴柔的走姿

Rosario Galindo

Apply Your Own Makeup: Teaching your Clients the 12 Basic Steps (0.4 CEUs Spanish Workshop)

Rosario Galindo, PM, AICI CIP

En esta sesión, las participantes aprenderán lo básico y la rutina diaria del cuidado de la piel.  
Identificarán la morfología del rostro que incluye las formas de cara, nariz, ojos y labios. Conocerán las principales técnicas para la aplicación de maquillaje diario y recibirán recomendaciones sobre cómo hacerlo. Además, las participantes descubrirán los  12 pasos básicos para hacer las correcciones de cada rostro. Por último, las asistentes podrán utilizar todas estas técnicas en si mismas y en  las necesidades de sus clientes.

(B) Objetivos de Aprendizaje
Al final de la sesión, los participantes podrán:

  • Descripción de la estructura de la piel y sus capas.
  • Haz un simple diagnostico del tipo de piel.
  • Clasifica la estructura del rostro y la  morfología: ojos, cejas, labios, barbilla y mejillas.
  • Aprende como hacer las correcciones necesarias con el maquillaje.
  • Selecciona los colores correctos de maquillaje de acuerdo a cada estación.
  • Identifica las herramientas disponibles en el mercado que te ayudaran a realizar un buen maquillaje (brochas, regla Vernier, pinzas, etc.)
  • Practica los 12 sencillos pasos del maquillaje para crear un look diferente en distintas ocasiones para aconsejar a tus clientas.

Patrick Chun

Think Big! 100 million potential users in Latin America!  (0.4 CEUs English Workshop) (Certified Member Only)

Patrick Chun, Serial Entrepreneur, Professional Engineer

One great thing about Latin America is the single language that is common to these emerging countries.  With a young population, one in four people (100 million) is at an age that needs to go through job interviews, and work with people in an increasingly globalized world.  What if you can be a part of a movement where we can serve these 100 million young people by creating a cellphone product that they can use on an on-going basis?!  Imagine you can contribute by making a short, 5-min training lesson that can reach them.  Now imagine charging 99 cents per lesson...and we have 1 million viewers each week.  You do the math.  Similar initiatives are already happening in other emerging markets.  It is a collaboration between (1) your training company, (2) AICI, and (3) with AICI's strategic partner, IITTI, the standards people.  Come!  Think big!  Let's change the world!

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Appraise business models within the image industry that are scalable
  • Develop new training paradigms using micro-learning, informal learning and blended learning
  • Identify the strategy for synthesizing a business consortium made up of private companies, non-profits, and governments to make image training a respectable, household name in Latin America

Jainee Gandhi

Masterclass for Individual / Private Consultations (0.4 CEUs English Workshop)

Jainee Gandhi, AICI CIP

In this session "Masterclass for Individual / Private Clients", I will cover techniques and ways to Get Private clients and work with them. Understanding the market and attitude, ways to create different programs for clients, how to budget your quote, social media management and how to network efficiently and much more. With having setup my Image consulting business in two countries (India & Singapore), developing a steady Private client base is my expertise.

(B) Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the nuances of Individual Image Consultations for both Men & Women, across all age groups
  • Identify, a step by step approach to Individual / Private consulting.
  • Create a Stylefile for clients – Online & Hardcopy
  • Determine the costing for your clients
  • Identify strategies for creating smaller workshops / group talks on their broader services topics

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