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Wednesday, August 26

All Day | Very Special Activity

Join AICI President Jane Seaman for a very special trip to the National Gallery in Washington DC where you’ll have an opportunity to participate in a unique event that will have you walking in the shoes of Carla Mathis back in the 90’s! The book ‘The Triumph of Individual Style’ was unique as the illustrations that accompanied the information on line, design and body shape’s where actual art and sculptures from Washington’s top galleries, the majority of which came from The National Gallery.

Following this unique adventure into the past we’ll lunch together in a garden with the sounds of fountains in the background and hear Carla tell the incredible story of how the pictures from the National Gallery ended up on the pages of the book.

The day does NOT end there! After lunch, we will head to one of Washington D.C.’s top shopping malls for an AICI Conference 2015 VIP Shopping Experience! You’ll have to be there to experience it!

Once we’re all shopped out, then it’s on to the very famous and breathtaking Lincoln Memorial where we will stand in the shadow of this great man and watch the sun set on Washington D.C.

Finally, it’s back to the hotel for an “End of The Day” surprise. You won’t want to miss it!

Thursday, August 27

7:00 am - 5:00 pm | Conference Registration Open

7:30 am - 8:45 am | Breakfast Buffet

9:00 am - 11:00 am | Keynote Address

Bestselling Author “You are What You Wear” What Clothes Reveal About You

Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner

We are told image is everything. Is this true? And do we buy it…literally? In an interactive presentation and Q&A, clinical psychologist, image consultant, and author Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner will answer these questions exploring image work, the positive and negative responses to image work, and current research. Dr. Baumgartner will explore the connection between image and consumer behavior, the signs and symptoms she’s encountered in the course of her work, and the reasons for them. Finally, Baumgartner will teach us how to generate ways to alter negative behaviors and formulate a healthy image sans negative influences of materialism.

11:00 am - 12:15 pm | How New Image Industry Standards Can Accelerate Your Business

Lunch on own

Patrick Chun, Christina Ong, Deborah King, Kimberly Law, Lilian Bustamante, Lynne Marks, Riet de Vlieger

Want to expand your corporate training? What is the one thing that is lacking in your offering? It can’t be your quality, can it? You say they really love your style, and you have great testimonials? So what is it? Why are companies reluctant to do a massive roll-out of image training? Let’s just say that if it was a quality issue, you would have heard it from them long time ago. The answer may surprise you. Come find out how you can be part of the movement to lead our industry to become a mainstream, household name. For the restless, check out

12:15 pm - 2:15 pm | Sessions

Essence and Presence of Image

Ceci Chalita | Spanish | .2 CEU

This session describes the gold standard of Image Consulting. We will cover Concepts of image, equation of image and its breakdown in depth. We will examine the concept of reputation, including the thirteen axioms of image, the three planes of image, physical expressions inside and outside of image. We will examine the external physical expressions: personal image, sensory and body. We will also examine the internal physical expressions of image: verbal, written and attitudes. Participants will look at the Perfect measures of communication of image. Ideal Image and real image supported in the kinesthetic, proxemics and para-verbal. We will learn the four impressive qualities of internal image and the keywords of image.

Professional Presence: The New Successful Dressing for Women

Hitomi K. Ohmori, AICI CIM | Japanese | .2 CEU

Currently, according to the social trend to promote diversity, the government and enterprises virtually became positive to encourage women’s social advancement and support their activities in society. For this, women’s working environment is seeing ground-breaking change. Now working women are starting-up of their own business, seeking employment, carrier change, promotion, are all creating new opportunities of consultation. Women being active in the front lines are becoming a new market of Image Industry. Business dress is not an adornment but definitely a powerful strategy. It is a vital tool to make yourself successful which you never find within those fashion magazines. Today, we are going to share the mechanism of strategic dressing and consulting, with touching upon not only successful examples but failure stories also. I’m sure it will give all of you a chance to obtain new formula of professional dressing which brings you an innovative value-driver and change.

Empower Your Image

Yan Liang, AICI CIP | Chinese | .2 CEU

Empower Your Image course to gain insights on how to effectively and successfully present the right image within the business world at different levels. You’ll discover key tools and information resources you can use immediately upon finishing this course. Learn how to dress effectively, how to choose color, style, line, pattern, fabrics for different business scenarios , the critical points for professional image, do and don’t, and much more. This course will build your confidence and provide skills that are essential to work with your or your clients.

Define yourself: Attract your ideal client!

Liciane Diniz-Tonklw, AICI FLC | English | .2 CEU | Beginner - Intermediate

Would you have brain surgery with a medical intern? How about getting legal tax advice from a general lawyer? We must see our business from the client’s perspective, if we are a Jack-ofall- trades, we could be perceived as a master of none. How do you determine your specialty or how to find one? In a market is full Image Professionals offering the same services how do we stand out for the right reasons? Do not let fear of “not enough clients” keep you from attracting your “ideal clients”. Specialized professionals often charge higher fees. Let’s put previous experiences to use and create businesses or services aligned to our uniqueness. Your work will be meaningful to others as it resonates with who you are in the world. We will explore your personal and professional skills, market opportunities, and service offerings that make a difference in your portfolio and revenue.

Stylin’Specs - Let’s Focus on this Hot Accessory

Wendy Buchanan | English | .2 CEU | Intermediate

Please join me for this fun interactive session as we focus on fitting eyewear to compliment your clients’ wardrobe style, accentuate their best facial features and reflect their personality so they look spectacular. Eyewear has become a “must-have” accessory and clients are investing in multiple pairs to create a wardrobe of eyewear. This is an opportunity to add Eyewear Consults to your list of services. You will learn tips and tricks to create balance on the face when selecting eyeglass frames for your clients. I believe glasses are all about personality and getting the right fit for the individual so they look and feel confident when wearing spectacles. This session will give you optical savvy and the opportunity to work with a team to select eyewear styles to match wardrobe styles and personality with a peer model.

Gaining Traction in the Corporate Space

Sola Adelowo, AICI FLC | English | .2 CEU | Intermediate - Advanced

Connecting with corporations is an important way to scale an image consultancy. In this session, we will outline the fundamental requirements for creating and managing a growing account list that includes corporations and small businesses. In addition, the need for maintaining the human touch after the deal has been made. Managing a growing account list has a string of challenges. Providing individual attention to each client entails a fluid workflow including: a functional calendar system, easy communication, purchasing trust and a reliable billing system. These key factors must be in place before venturing into the corporate world. The expectations and stakes are much higher at this level. In this session, we will discuss how to gain credibility within corporations and how to create a roadmap to get from point A to the decision maker. In addition, we will examine the back-up a consultant will need to get the job done effectively.

12:15 pm - 4:30 pm | Workshop

Boost Your Image Business Powerfully with Male Clientele

Eva Koeck-Eripek and Ann Lindsay | Certified Members Only | .4 CEU | Beginner - Intermediate

Men are an untapped market for Image Consultants, and wrongly so, as most men are looking for assistance and happy to leave the nuances of style, fashion and fit to a professional. The savvy consultant will understand the approach for consulting is different for men than women. Part One details the male as a client; how to market to him, retain him, manage his expectations brilliantly, and help him to invest in your services/products. Part Two is specific to his physique; proper fit, guidelines for proportions, best practices for different body types, how to help him mix and match and understand the nuances of menswear. This interactive session will also help you set up an ongoing income stream that engages him season to season. Double your client base this Fall by adding men to your business.

2:15 pm - 2:30 pm | Break

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm | Sessions

Claves para Asesorar a un Politico

Coca Sevilla, AICI CIP | Spanish | .2 CEU

There are a number of myths surrounding political image consulting due to what it entails. However, it is a reality that this is a poorly exploited niche of the market for image consultants and is therefore worth evaluating. Advising politicians represents an enormous commitment, which means that having an efficient methodology is fundamental to fulfilling our job successfully. Highlighting the virtues and minimizing the defects of these public figures is a challenge in an environment in which the people are constantly becoming more difficult to convince. In politics, there are no second places: you either win or lose. In this conference, we will identify how, through different image techniques; we can help a candidate to obtain the votes necessary to reach their goal.

Fashion Feng Shui

Keiko Couch | Japanese | .2 CEU | Advanced

I will introduce Fashion Feng Shui® (FFS) principles and show how they can be used in everyday life. According to Feng Shui everything is influenced by five life-forming energies; ”Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal”, each of which has a distinct energetic quality that is translated by specific colors, shapes and substances. FFS stems from Feng Shui. This new approach (originated the late Evana Maggiore, AICI, CIP) considers clothing to be our body’s most intimate environment and teaches us to dress the mind, body and spirit. What is your essential core energy? With a Fashion Feng Shui® assessment you will discover colors, patterns, fabrics, textures and silhouettes that express your essential energies. This often brings unexpected ways of joyful dressing. And you will learn to visually affirm what you desire. You will become centered and energized. Fashion Feng Shui® is a fabulous add-on for a color and style consultation.

The Most Money Saving Wardrobe for First Interview of Man

Chunyuan Hu, AICI FLC | Chinese | .2 CEU

Participants will learn to build the smallest wardrobe, approximately 7 pieces, within RMB 2000 or ï¼,300, to help male graduates to succeed in their first job interview. They will learn how their client can wear these 7 pieces through all seasons. This wardrobe will allow the client to dress up for most occasions: attend class, deliver speeches, be casual, have a successful job interview, and date. In China employment for recent graduates is not easy, parents invest a lot of money to help their children with their image. Usually RMB5000-10000. This wardrobe will help them save money and gain self-confidence no matter the cost of the clothing. This wardrobe will also help the Image Consultant create a new service and find a niche for marketing. Come and learn the 7 secrets and 4 tips of how to get the lowest price using internet shopping.

It’s Elementary

Sue Donnelly, AICI CIP FFIPI FFSM Assoc CIPD | English | .2 CEU | All Levels

“Elementary dear Watson” is the often used reply from famous sleuth Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Watson. In this session, we use elementary detective work of our own. East meets West using the 5 elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal to assist us. Each element has its own characteristics enabling you to uncover who you are at your core and your preferred way of dressing. You can also use them to execute perfectly balanced workshops, seminars and business plans and develop brilliant relationships with your clients.

Business of Style - Understanding Line and Design

Joanne Rae, AICI CIP & Jane Seaman, AICI CIP | English | .2 CEU | Basic

Polls show that 42% never find clothes to fit; the reason, there is no standardization in women’s sizes! Ready-to-wear garments have become virtually the norm and labels mean more than fit. Bottom line; regardless of our body type, fit is always of supreme importance. Our clothing can make us appear slimmer, larger, or taller. We can use the correct fit of a garment to emphasize or de-emphasize a particular area. In this session you’ll learn the skill of identifying ‘Design Lines’ and ‘Proportions’ within ready-made garments. We will introduce to you to the same skills used by designer tailors on how the use of horizontal, vertical, symmetrical & asymmetrical lines, scale and proper measurements will impact the way you shop in the future and dress your clients with spectacular results.

Speaker Boot Camp - Tactics for Successful Presentations

Pamela Eyring | Certified Members Only | .2 CEU | Intermediate - Advanced

As an image professional, much focus is on building your technical skills and not enough on presentation skills. Delivering enthusiastic and high-impact presentations build business opportunities through referrals. These skills are critical to your career success because it defines how great you are and why you should be sought out by prospective customers. Speaking to audiences builds your reputation and your name as a top consultant.

3:00 pm - 5:00 pm | Exhibit Hall Setup

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm | First Timers Meeting

If this is your first AICI conference, you are in for a real treat. VP Membership, Jane Seaman, AICI CIP, and the AICI International Board Members are excited about sharing information with you: what you will need to initiate your business, what to expect from Conference and how to get the most from AICI. You will meet many new people and learn how to maneuver through the Conference schedule like a pro. You will find out about AICI, its education and certification process. The board has also invited some of our current members who represent the pioneers of our industry who will be available to answer your questions.

5:00 pm - 6:00 pm | Opening Reception in Exhibit Hall

Friday, August 28

7:00 am - 9:00 am | Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

7:30 am - 8:45 am | Chapter Presidents’ Breakfast

7:30 am - 5:00 pm | Conference Registration Open

8:00 am - 8:45 am | Certification Walkthrough

FLC Certification Walkthrough

AICI’s First Level Certification (FLC) is the basic level of certification and requires two steps: 1) submitting a successful AICI FLC Portfolio and 2) passing the AICI FLC Exam. Learn about the benefits of certification, the portfolio requirements and the preparation needed for passing the FLC Exam. There will be time for questions and answers. This session is open to all NON–certified consultants. No CEUs.

CIP Certification Walkthrough

If your goal is to become an AICI Certified Image Professional (CIP), and you have successfully achieved the First Level Certification (FLC), you are encouraged to attend this session to review the process and the necessary documentation for submitting a successful CIP Application. The benefits of receiving this level of certification will be discussed and your questions about the process will be ad dressed. No CEUs.

CIM Certification Walkthrough

The highest level of certification that AICI offers is Certified Image Master (CIM). This is the next step for current CIPs. If you are currently an AICI CIP, attend this session to review and discuss the Master process. Long-range planning is a must for the Master level. The application and documentation required will be reviewed and questions answered. No CEUs.

CEU Walkthrough - How to CEU Your Program | Elizabeth Weinstein

8:00 am - 4:00 pm | Exhibit Hall Open

9:00 am - 11:00 am | Keynote Speaker

Brand You Inspiration to Create Your Own Brand

Howard Roberts

Embark on a fun and enlightening journey with Howard and discover what makes great brands truly great and how you can apply these principles to your own business every day. In this lively and informative session, you’ll be inspired to think of yourself like a brand. Howard will bring you food for thought from his 25 years of experience in some of the world’s greatest advertising agencies, getting to know people from all around the world to uncover human truths to help build all kinds of successful brands. His instinctive curiosity has enabled him to discover key brand building fundamentals that will encourage you to take a fresh look at how you create your own personal brand. He’ll draw on real examples and proven approaches, all served up in his own unique storytelling style.

11:15 am - 12:45 pm | Fashion Show & Lunch in Exhibit Hall

Join us for a fashion show

1:15 pm - 3:15 pm | Sessions

How to Build Client Confidence, Clout and Charisma

Karen Brunger | English | .2 CEU | Intermediate

Bring a holistic approach to your image business to expand both your profitability and your client satisfaction. In this session you will identify habits of top performers and high achievers to be adopted by your clients. You will also acquire exercises and tools to guide your clients to heightened levels of confidence, clout and charisma. Using a systematic approach, you can enable your clients to: 1. Build rapport and develop positive relationships with warmth, empathy, respect, and courtesy. 2. Use words, tonality, mannerisms, and internal techniques to establish competence, credibility and personal power. 3. Somersault challenging situations and conflicts into peaceful solutions. 4. Identify self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors and exchange them for higher levels of insight, self-esteem, and balance. This session integrates logical left-brain with creative rightbrain strategies, which you can use with your clients for accelerated results.

Executive Presence

Mirella Zanatta | English | .2 CEU | Intermediate - Advanced

Experts agree that EP is far more than leadership abilities. The ability to lead is a component. Communication is also a significant skill set and facilitates powerful, interpersonal engagement. EP is clearly multi-faceted. This highly interactive workshop focuses on teaching transferable skills to communicate with confidence and poise. Whether the focus is promotion, team building or leadership, making a positive first impression, gravitas, strong interpersonal communication skills and a professional appearance are all critical components for accessing and enhancing executive presence. Participants learn: - Executive Presence: What it is and what it is not - The EP4 Fundamentals - Ways to increase your Executive Presence - Helping others with their Executive Presence.

This workshop illustrates how EP will educate our clients so that they are able to look and act appropriately, professionally, and confidently while carrying themselves with poise and class, in any situation.

Taking Shape: Throwing Image a Curve

Catherine Schuller, AICI CIP | English | All Levels

Full Figured woman helped build plus retail sales to $32 billion with over 30% of women's clothing brands finally providing attractive and fashion conscious clothing to satisfy this woman's newfound confidence. However, many plus customers are confused about what is right for them and where these resources exist in the marketplace. The need for image services has never been greater and the consultant's ability to become the "missing link" and connect in an advisory capacity serves an all-important assessment, recommendation and permission role that is emotional as well as practical and knowledgeable. The consultant serves to help shift from confusion to confidence, transforming attitudes by demonstrating that they no longer have to meekly accept frumpy fashions of yore which were foisted upon them by a one-size-fits-none fashion world that assumed they had no interest in fashion otherwise they would lose weight if they did. Things have changed, and the curvy community has grown to 63 million woman in the US alone, but many of them are overwhelmed by the choice (all of it not appropriate) There is a growing need to help rework and revamp women's closets starting with everything from a great bra (the foundation of style) to apparel that fits and flatters and is versatile and adaptable to every occasion creating a repertoire of "reliables" which also emphasizes the cluster and capsule wardrobe building concepts. This market is on the forefront of everyone's radar mostly because the internet has empowered this woman to claim her status as a fashion icon in her own right. It is up to us to guide her in this direction and provide her with the wardrobe wisdom that will empower and enlighten as to what's out there and where to find "it" and then what to do with it when she does.

1:15 pm - 5:30 pm | Sessions

Story Telling - The Language of Leadership

Sarah Brummitt | Certified Members Only | .4 CEU | Intermediate - Advanced

The amount of information created in the world is doubling every two years and the speed of generating yet more data continues to increase. As professionals and as individuals we are overwhelmed with facts, figures, chat, charts, tweets, posts, messages, texts and emails. Our attention span is under assault as we strive to be ‘plugged in’, online, texting, emailing, posting, tweeting, blogging and messaging 24/7. What all of this means is that the challenge facing professional men and women everywhere is how to stand out, rise above, be heard, impress, persuade and motivate others against a background of all this ˜noise’. Exquisite influencers talk the language of leadership in a wide variety of professional contexts - and that means telling great stories. This session will provide you with the knowledge and tools to both deliver and coach the art, science and magic of storytelling in your business.

From Image Consultant to Image Expert, Taking Your Consultations to the Next Level

Clare Maxfield & Imogen Lamport | Certified Members Only | .4 CEU | Intermediate

Take your consultations to the next level as you learn how to integrate the style puzzle into your client’s three life pillars, their professional, social and personal lives. This interactive workshop will delve deeply into advanced styling techniques using the concepts of Yin and Yang. It includes the elements of voice, presence and movement and how they influence clothing style selection, along with the essential elements of body shape analysis. You will discover how to integrate the communication of line and design elements and the impact of color. You will learn a myriad of often overlooked and undervalued processes to assist you understanding the needs of your individual clients. Plus have access to innovative tools to ensure you give your clients the most valuable consultation experience. Harnessing your current image knowledge you will walk away from this workshop being able to create effective communication messages and solutions for your clients, whether corporate or personal.

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm | Leadership Program

Mandatory Attendance for ALL Chapter Board Members Leadership training is mandatory for all AICI Chapter Board Members every year. During this session you will learn the systems and documents which govern your AICI Chapter. You will discuss strategies for running and growing your AICI Chapter and have the opportunity to meet and discuss concerns and ideas with your counterparts and international board leaders.

For the incoming 2015-2016 AICI Chapter Boards and the existing Board Members mid-term from 2015-2016, no matter what role you will be holding in your Chapter, it is important that you attend this session.

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm | Chapter Awards Ceremony

We will recognize our members that with their Social Entrepreneurship empowered individuals, organizations, and communities and recognize chapter members of the year.

Saturday, August 29

7:00 am - 9:00 am | Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

7:30 am - 5:00 pm | Registration Desk Open

8:00 am - 2:00 pm | Exhibit Hall Open

9:00 am - 12:00 pm | Round Table

Founders/CIM Round Table

All attendees will be asked to sit at a round table. There will be a brief introduction as to how the session will work, and of course the reading of the CEU statement. Then, each Founder/CIM will be asked to go and join a table. Once they are at the table, then they will deliver their topic, and at the end the participants at their table will be able to ask questions. After 55 minutes the Founders/CIM will be asked to move tables and present their topic again to another group of attendees After another 55 minutes they will once again be asked to move to another table for the last time.

12:15 pm - 1:45 pm | Founders, CIMs, CIPs and International Board Reception

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm | Exhibit Hall Tear Down

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm | Sessions

Color Theory: Understanding the Basics for Color Analysis

Elaine Stoltz, AICI CIM | English | .2 CEU | Basic

Before learning to perform human color analysis, you must understand the elements of design and the properties of color. An attendee would be able to describe the basic properties of color and select examples of color hue, temperature, value, value contrast, and intensity.

Sell with Authenticity. Don’t Lose your Soul

Dominic Isbecque, AICI CIP & Founder | English | .2 CEU | All Levels

Want to increase sales but hate to sell? Have a terrific service or product but freeze at the thought of selling? Successful consultants make sales by identifying needs and solving problems. Communication builds relationships. Relationships bring referrals. Tap into your natural communication comfort zone to help you sell from the soul and build long-term mutually profitable relationships. These communication skills will open doors, establish strategic alliances, and cultivate rich networking opportunities. Develop your own artful dialogue to transform prospects from mild interest to I need to hire you! This interactive program takes your sales communications to a higher level of clarity, confidence, and conviction. Consultants develop techniques to manage communication challenges and recognize buying and change motivators of clients. You learn how to sell to your clients the way they want to buy with a methodology that you can apply over and over again both in person and online.

Brand New Market! "Expressive Image Therapy"

Judith Rasband, AICI CIM | English | .2 CEU | All Levels

This session will thrill members with passion for the art and science of image, passion for the people who need our help, and those dedicated to the belief that appearing authentic, appropriate, and attractive is therapeutic, transformational, and life enhancing. Judith Rasband AICI CIM has defined and developed an entirely NEW field in image management and mental health counseling. Explore the details of expressive image therapy, a NEW and natural way to speed the process of psychotherapy, restore a client’s ability to function effectively, and increase their sense of well-being. Discover how to implement this approach in your own business and your opportunities for employment with these advanced services: sample treatments for negative body image, depression, anxiety disorder, eating disorders, obesity, bariatric recovery, and more. Through the use of accurate tested concepts and cutting-edge materials, dynamic presentation style, fun and engaging interactive exercises, expressive image therapy completes the whole of expressive therapies currently available and will elevate the credibility of the entire image industry!

Retaining Clients Through the Decades with Universal Style

Alyce Parsons, AICI CIP and Founder | English | .2 CEU | All Levels

Your clients are your greatest business asset. You have formed a psychological as well as service-oriented bond. They want to stay with you, and you want to have them in your professional life. Learn how you can retain these loyal clients. Using documented research and the Pyramid of Purpose, you will discover the goals and aspirations of each generational group. A moderated panel of industry leaders will give you first-hand insight into the perspectives and inherent changes in each decade of life. The Universal Style System provides a timeless foundational tool that allows you to evaluate your client’s Core Essential© style and relate it to trends and decades. An in-depth PowerPoint will deconstruct Fall 2015 fashion trends. Biannual trend reports keep you and your clients up to date through the decades of their lives. Attendees will receive a copy of the Fall 2015 Universal Style Trend Match©.

Master Coaching Techniques for Image Consultants

Lynne Marks, AICI CIM | English | .2 CEU | Intermediate - Advanced

Have ever wanted to enhance your image skills to make even more of a difference with your clients? Coaching can be the answer. This session reveals the specific language, mindset, and in-depth techniques essential to successful coaching. You will discover three different coaching steps, in-depth listening skills, and linguistic tools to shift perspectives and guide your clients to the results they want. This session will help you navigate tough conversations, coach clients, manage teams, and support family!

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm | Cocktail Reception

7:00 pm - 12:00 am | Formal International Gala Celebration and Awards Ceremony

It’s a celebration! Join our founders to celebrate our 25th Anniversary!

International dinner stations will bring a taste of world to you, followed by an awards ceremony recognizing colleagues on their outstanding efforts as key contributors to AICI and the image consulting industry. AICI will close the night with music. Dance your heart out enjoying a trip around the world.

Spouses and guests are welcome to attend. Please see the Registration Desk for ticket details. Formal attire is appropriate for this event.

7:30 am - 5:00 pm | Conference Registration Open

7:00 am - 9:30 am | Breakfast in Exhibit Hall

8:00 am - 1:15 pm | AICI Certification Exam: FLC Paper Test in English and ESL (English as a Second Language)

8:30 am - 12:45 pm | Sessions

Increase Corporate Clients to Totally Supercharge Your Business

Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIM | .4 CEU | Certified Members Only

As an image consultant and executive presence coach, Sarah has built an international reputation and highly lucrative business delivering a range of corporate seminars and services. She is right at home in the corporate environment and has found it to be extremely rewarding and profitable. In fact, her constantly-growing client list includes household names like Kimberly Clark, Home Depot, GE, and McDonald’s. Now Sarah wants to share the secrets of her consultancy’s rapid ascent and ongoing success with other image consultants like yourself. If you have the desire to break into the corporate market for bigger revenues and greater career acceleration, this session was designed specifically for you. Join Sarah for this highly intensive and interactive session. She will reveal the exact same marketing steps, systems, and up-leveling strategies she uses to get her foot in the Fortune 500 door and then form scalable, dynamic, long-term relationships. Experience a full pipeline of ideal clients eager to pay top dollar? If so, Sarah’s session is a game-changer designed just for you, to put your business on top of the charts!

The Color Master Class

Carla Mathis, AICI CIM | .4 CEU | Certified Members Only

Be prepared for an eye-opening 4 hours that will refresh and enrich your understanding of color and color theory. Go deeper into the psychological effects of color. Learn new ways to develop color palettes for your clients as Carla demonstrates techniques and principles to heighten the impact color can have in people’s lives. In this hands-on session using fabric swatches and acrylic paints, you will practice how to see, identify, and match subtle nuances of color in skin tone, nature, clothing, and interiors. You will put to memory the psychological profiles of many well-known classic and contemporary color harmonies for fashion and interior design. You will also learn how to paint skin tones in order to identify colors found within an individual’s inherent palette.

9:30 am - 11:30 am | Sessions

Makeup for You and Your Clients

Rosario Galindo, AICI CIP | English | .2 CEU | Beginner - Intermediate

When we make an Image adviser, women ask for the best make up and in many occasions we don’t know answer appropriately, for this reason I think that in this conference people are going to learn about this topic. In this session the participants will learn the basic daily routines of skin care. They will learn the principal techniques to practice a simple make up and the way to recommend this to their clients when they will make an Image consulting. I would like to teach them the different shapes of faces, eyes (morphology), etc. and the way how to make corrections in those morphologies, and the 12 steps to making an easy make up for different occasions. They learn also make all this things in themselves. They learn also tips to sell more advisers in another thing.

Building a Successful Business by Communicating with Confidence, Clarity & Credibility

Ferial Youakim, AICI CIP | English | .2 CEU | Intermediate

Do you ever get the feeling that the Image Consulting business is so confusing? Are you missing out on building your business because you are not satisfied with what you have to offer? Are you ready to learn how to simplify and build your business and client base with our proven 3-step method once and for all? Becoming a Personal Branding Expert has never been easier, with our proven methods and system. It is straightforward and easy to work with, so say goodbye to guessing games and hello to our three easy steps to color code an individual. It is easy to be a successful entrepreneur and run your own business; however, to be able to do that you need to understand the business you are in.

Stop Selling Your Time and Start Making Money

Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP | English | .2 CEU | Intermediate - Advanced

When you’re doing any sort of image consultation you are selling your time, yet your time is limited and you can only work fact to face with clients so many hours per week. This will cap your income and your potential to grow your business. In this content packed workshop you will learn how to stop selling just your time and start making money by selling your knowledge in different formats, from e-books and blogging to creating communities using social media. Learn how you can work smarter, not harder, using your image knowledge to boost your income and create a thriving and successful business.

Advanced Men’s Wardrobe Building, A Focus on Fit, Fabric, and Construction

Brian Lipstein, AICI FLC | English | .2 CEU

This session is geared toward advanced individuals looking to work more deeply with male clients and their wardrobes. We will focus on 3 key areas of quality tailored clothing – Fit, Fabric, and Construction. The course will also explore aspects of color and design as it relates to individual personality types and career positions. A brief look at current men’s fashion trends and an explanation of mixing and matching colors and patterns will round out the session. The participant should leave with a much better understanding of how to take their men’s wardrobes to the next level.

Jump on the Merry-Go-Round to Learn Innovative Ideas to Grow Your Business

Elizabeth Weinstein, Ph.D. - Facilitator | English | .2 CEU | Intermediate - Advanced
This session is an opportunity to hear from six of our top-notch AICI CEU Providers on topics that will peak your interest for their innovation and relevance to enhancing your business. Diverse subjects such as how to Use Social Media to Build a Client Base, Kick Start Your Image Business, how to Earn Income from Online Styling, Tools to Change My Business and Automating Technology to Deliver Content, will be presented in twenty five minute sessions. You will select four of the six presentations to attend. Our CEU Providers come with a wealth of experience, but they are also innovators. They want to share their ideas with you.
Secrets to Effective Colour Analysis for Asians | Christina Ong, AICI CIM | English

The subtle differences in Asian skin, hair and eye colouring make a successful colour analysis trickier than meets the eye. This session offers fresh insights, with practical tips and techniques, to refine colour analysis and enhance your colour palette recommendations for Asians.

Kick Start Your Image Business | Elaine Stoltz, AICI CIM | English

Have you taken image training but are stuck trying to start your image business or are you thinking of starting a business but clueless on what to do first? In this workshop learn how to create your own Action Plan with “By-When Dates”. When you arrive home you will have a list of things to do immediately. You know the first phone call or email that you are going to make.

Maximizing the Business Value of Social Sites | Joyce Knudsen, AICI CIM | English

Google+ and Twitter can give your business a significant boost, if you use these sites the right way. Google+ might not be the most-used social networking site, but it does offer a more focused, serious take on the popular tool. Twitter allows you to use keywords to find opportunities for your business. Taking the time to use Twitter and Google+ will result in many followers who are interested in what your business has to offer.

Change in Pace of Business | Shanna Pecoraro, AICI CIP | English

"Change in Pace of Business" - a lively and entertaining presentation that showcases leaders and some challenges that have sparked creativity and innovation in their business and industries. Attendees will discover ways that several industries have taken measures to innovate while keeping their core business offerings intact. Participants can learn from these examples, and be inspired to innovate in the image consulting industry through technology and creative thinking.

4 Keys to Motivate Follow-through | Cathy Liska | English

Motivating follow-through is easy when you recognize personality in the moment and then adjust effectively. With powerful questioning and specific focus, your client engages fully and is empowered to create their plan for implementing change.

Success Tips, Tools & Templates | Judith Rasband, AICI CIM | English

You’re in the image business, but do you have the tools and templates you need to engage your client, keep track of what’s in your client’s closet, what goes with what, what you added last season, and what’s needed next season? See innovative Plansheets that do the job, and then practice the process. Experience creative tools that engage your client, then color code with the ColorSense Guide. You’ll head home eager to apply your advancements!

11:45 am - 1:45 pm | Lunch on Own

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm | Inspiring Change Making Over the Image Industry

The pace of change today is unprecedented. 65% of children aged 5 or less will work in a job that does not yet exist. 60% of one of the most successful companies in the world (Apple) generates their revenue with products that are less than four years old. The roles of women throughout the world are continuing to transform like never before. As a result, we as an image industry also need to change. To do this, our technical skills have to translate into commercial success. The way we do so needs to be pioneering, dynamic and transformative. In this session we look at finding purpose, evolution and choice to help accelerate your business. It doesn’t matter what you do; it’s why you do it that counts. One size doesn’t fit all; this session will give you ideas to take away so that you can pursue, excel and evolve.

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